Might I enquire as to the location of the team — it’s in here

We lost easily to Carlton and Geelong, fair chance alot of the players were ordinary

One game where he’s a pretty good matchup for Himmelburg.

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I’d have to agree that Bags was the reason we lost convincing in the JLT

The only time I have spoken Bags name in vain was today at the supermarket. I got to the register having forgotten my government sanctioned carrying devices and said, “■■■■■■ Bags!”.


He consistently carries every week

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Well, I suppose, but Hooker is out, so all this really says is that they rate him higher than Hartley.

Which has been obvious for a while now.


Relative to the match ups anyway

If we were up against the taller/bigger and less mobile kpf’s Hartley probably would be in the mix over Ambrose.

Cameron whilst being 196cm is also a freak runner. And Himmelberg at 194cm also very good and getting up and down the ground.

No match up for Harts or Hooker really.

Ruck - Clarke
Mid - Parish
Key Position - Zerk Thatcher
Forward- Laverde

Small defender = McGrath back and Parish mid

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Hooker injured probably not a factor

Nah. They have shown multiple times before that they rate Ambrose over Hartley, even if some don’t agree.

And it’s not to do with match ups either. If Hooker were fit he’d be in, regardless of match ups. And while Hooker and Ambrose aren’t comparable in talent, really this just brings us back to Ambrose being rated higher than Hartley.

And as an aside some people love to play the match up game but in reality modern coaches usually stick to their preferred players as they a) back the players they rate higher to do well even when a theoretical better match up exists and b) they rate cohesion and team units highly and while fans often speculate that a player who has played the last few games may be dropped/rested because of a better match up it simply doesn’t happen in today’s game.

For example if Ambrose does well and plays 5 games in a row and then we find ourselves against a team that has a better match for Hartley, even if they were rated about the same and Ambrose was simply lucky to be selected at the right time they aren’t going to just drop him. Just won’t happen.