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Well sure. Kayo, Disney, Netflix, Optus Sport, ABC, etc. etc. Anything which has the Chromecast symbol and have actually updated their apps…

Have you tried on chrome app searching for afl site?

I guess it depends on the phone and tv - I have a Sony TV approx 2018 version. It allows me to cast my android phone directly to it via the button on my phone shown below…

Screenshot_20230327-100041873 (1)

I used to have the issue that if I tried casting after starting the video feed it would give an error of not supporting external device etc - or the option to cast would be greyed out. My way around it is to cast my phone to TV, then open the AFL app and proceed to stream.

Google chrome also allows casting so that’s why opening via chrome rather than the app will also work.

Haven’t used iPhones for years apart from work so not much help there sorry.

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I believe chromecast works fine for Android (which you have), the issue is with Apple appliances.

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Franga were 1.15 at three quarter time versus Willy… at home.

Luckily they kicked a few goals in the final quarter… Willy still won easily.

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Last game at the Hanger this week. The remaining fixture has been release and has us back at Windy Hill


And they’d only just had the grandstand put in too, what a pity!


And none of the games there clash with the seniors!

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Yet. Hopefully there are two home finals for the women to complicate things.


I assume the AFLM side will be happy to forfeit their matches to avoid any potential clash.

2005 round 1 for the Bendigo Bombers → this Saturday for Willy = 300 VFL games for Ben Jolley.

  • captain of the Calder Cannons 2004 premiership team (& captain of Vic Metro)
  • 4 games for Essendon AFL as a rookie
  • 52 games for Bendigo Bombers
  • captain of Willy 2012-2017, premiership 2015, 4 times B&F
  • named in the VFL Team of the Year on seven consecutive occasions
  • retired, popped up again at Port and Essendon for 21 more games, returned to Willy this year
  • barracked for us as a kid
  • and lots of other things!

The VFA/VFL games record is 302.


What a crap fixture we have this season! 15 Sunday games, 2 Saturday games and one Friday game.

Fewer emergency players missing games if the senior team plays first. Sunday reserve games are probably an advantage.


Yeah probably but it sucks not being able to attend games on Saturdays, vfl or afl


Player development is probably more important than winning when it comes to VFL but you’d like to think that after the bye, where we should only have about 4 players left on the injury list, that we might start winning the odd game here or there.

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Harley Reid playing for our VFL next weekend?

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FFS I’ll be working Sat with plan to watch VFL on Sunday.

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