Miscellaneous VFL comments and articles

Don’t mind a trial of that in the lower leagues. Seems (in theory) a decent way to remove some congestion at the stoppages.

How does adding an extra state cure the NEAFL’s COVID woes?

Communication specialists bullshit a lot.

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To be honest, I think it could actually work and will be keen to see it trialled properly. Could really solve some of the congestion issues. But it will stuff clubs trying to get their VFL team to play the same way as the senior team.

Will be interesting to see if the umpires bother to enforce it. It’s not strictly enforced in the VFLW — I’ve seen it paid once in two seasons.

We got the free, and it almost got us our first win.

Obligatory dig at the fatty boombah Merv Hughes Oval where we got that free:

Those are 40m arcs and the centre square is 5m shorter than it is wide. On the day there was a massive northerly wind that kept the ball in limbo on the far wing…

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With such a big emphasis on ‘development’, where is the VFL list & where are the VFL practice matches?

We have blokes on our list that haven’t played for 18 months…and blokes that are entering their second season at the club who haven’t played any type of match.

Development is overrated.

I believe there is a VFL practice match on Friday. I also believe they will have some players, perhaps even some who are on our AFL list… could be wrong :expressionless:


Where, when?

Below may or may not be true:

  • 2 games on channel 7 each weekend (1 interstate game)
  • 1 match of the day game on Foxtel
  • 3 games on Kayo (unsure if that is separate to the Foxtel & Ch7 games or not)

Geez Coburg… could you wear a darker blue jumper?

Confused the hell out of me for a moment…

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at least it’s free, but still get ■■■■■■ kayo.

FWIW, Kayo don’t list any games happening this weekend… listing below:



Looks like our game will be covered!


Any other ex-members of Kayo who aren’t allowed to sign up to freebies without getting a new mobile number?

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Kayo confirmed to me we will be shown sat. But wasnt our game at 1pm?

Says 1.30 sat for us now

|Sydney Swans v GWS Giants|Sat, 17 Apr, 12:00 pm
|Brisbane Lions v Essendon|Sat, 17 Apr, 1:30 pm
|Geelong Cats v North Melbourne|Sun, 18 Apr, 1:00 pm|


Well, we’re not the lowest-rated team…

It’s like Essendon and Carlton had a baby and didn’t immediately cast it into the fires of Mount Doom

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