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Holm Park Beaconsfield, 10 am. ?


I’m a local. My suggestion is park at Akoonah Park off Cardinia St. Walk through the park / bush to the ground. It’s a lovely bushland walk and the road around the ground will be absolute chaos.


Plus you can pay that bad boy down over 36 months.


Well, now I have to buy it. On an unrelated matter can I borrow 70 cents? A month? For 3 years?


Funny you should ask, have you heard of a little operation called Afterpay?


They got you again. Didn’t you read the fine print? Maybe they read it out really fast? Finance is not available for that. You are going to have to stump up the cash for it!


The man that Russell Crowe has blamed for the “go Russell go” sex story .


The VFL have just confirmed that we will be playing the Curtain Raiser to the Country Game against the Cats at the MCG on may 5.

What an experience that’s going to be for our young VFL listed guys and indeed several young draftees to play on the G on a big day like that. I really hope the crowd comes in early and watches, the game is starting around midday so shouldn’t be too early for a few to get in. Regardless I’m absolutely stoked, great result.


As is tradition.

Well its not tradition, but it ■■■■■■ well should be.

Great decision.



Happy with the additions of Day, Atley and Landt.

Day is a tall midfielder in the Langford mould, he hits the scoreboard and he has that basketball background so has good hands and moves well

Atley was a rebounding defender but was moved to a lead up forward role late in the year and did really well hitting the scoreboard and providing an option, decision making and kicking among the things to improve

Landt played nationals in 2017 and was considered stiff not to be drafted, I know clubs watched him closely, he is a very quick midfielder who goes forward and back. Needs to find the ball more and win more on the inside


It looks like a better balanced team. Bring it on!


Plenty of height in that squad. The AFL squad has a lot more midgets.


So, we have Matt Dea and Matt Day in the VFL. Jolly good…

Anyone know what’s happened to Joe Harrison? Loved him in the finals.


No need to worry. Matty Dea won’t be playing in the VFL :grinning:


I think you are absolutely right Darli. Matty will be playing for the Bombers and we’ll need him with both Hooker and JoeDan out for who knows how long. Good luck for the season Matty.


It’s hard to see Dea quickly getting into the 1’s. Particularly if Ridley and Redman are playing well. Gleeson also might be back on the field before Dea.

imo, best case scenario for Dea is that he plays a month of VFL before he’s able to knock the door down for selection.

Even then, I’m not sure what the absence of Hooker and Joe has to do with Dea…and hopefully they’re back on the field by then anyway.




Jumper presentation link is in the tweet above.