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Yes! Go Port! Tiger tears…


What a freaking good game of hard fought footy. Well done Port and well done Gary Ayres.

From not having money at the start of the season to winning the grand final.





Oh please let that happen next week :smiley:




Thank fark that non-paid drop at the end of the third quarter didn’t decide it…


And Port just lost the SANFL GF by 1 point to Sturt


I’ve always liked the name Pinwheel.

(shut up)




Despite two very contrasting pieces of umpiring interference in the last 3 mins.


Gary ayres is one hell of a coach, the 3/4 time rev up he gave was awesome.


(only saw the second half)

Hard fought win by Port, was great, my heart was racing so fast, like it was us out there.

Question: is Misiti related to us?


VFL Richmond has looked into the abyss…


Unfortunately he’s a Mascitti.


Lol for anyone still watching did Nahas just get booed onto the stage?


I love Nahas.





What a pack of half wit nuffie ferals I hope they get pumped next week as well, booing past players as they are given their premiership medal what a fantastic army.