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Is this our only Practice Match, Because when I looked at the site mentioned above, I noticed that Port Melbourne are having 3, Saints, Bombers & Casey, other than the Northern Territory.

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We will likely have more (3 is about our normal). But they often forget to tell us about the first one until afterwards!


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A full (?) list (average of just over 3 games per team) has been published for the VFLM. Based on their publishing schedule in recent weeks, I expect the VFLW equivalent fairly shortly.

And it’s out, but acknowledges more games are likely to be scheduled.


  • Essendon v Port Melbourne (NEC Hangar, 11:00am, 4x18min)


  • Essendon v Fark Carlton (NEC Hangar, 11:00am, 4x20min)
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Happy 40th birthday to Tash Hardy; OG vice-captain, runner, assistant coach at VFLW and AFLW level for us (plus at the Cannons and Norf).

Looks like we are losing one of our Assistant Coaches after just one practice game.


Woosh to be announced as Tassie Devils girls coach.

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That explains her instagram posts today (farewell meal, and on a plane).

That’s brilliant! Good on her.

Sad news, but so pleased for Woosh. She deserves to get the best opportunities.

Melbourne Rebels are playing the same day we face Footscray…

Darebin seem to enjoy stealing Collingwood’s players, as they have signed Olivia Storer, Amy Kane and Katelyn Lee.

That’s six Pies that have ended up there this year.


And the Pie captain (Bunker) is now their vice-captain.

More importantly:


The poverty club from Arden Street have announced that they’ve picked up Renee Tierney and Alana Barba from us.

Great pickups.

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Norf have also nicked Maddie Di Cosmo from Fark Carlton, and the complete demolition of the Collingwood list continues with Nyakoat Dojiok and Matilda Zander also defecting.

Plus Sarah Hosking.

They actually put up an article with a team photo and commentary and their full list… weirdo club.

Here’s who’s confirmed to have left Collingwood btw:

Player New club
Caitlin Bunker Darebin
Monique DeMatteo Darebin
Riley Christgeorgl Darebin
Olivia Storer Darebin
Amy Kane Darebin
Jess Bates Glenelg (SANFLW)
Rene Caris St Kilda AFLW
Tannah Hurst Bulldogs
Katelyn Lee Darebin
Eva Nikolitsis Southern Saints
Georgia Ricardo Southern Saints
Emily Shepherd Box Hill
Jazmin Tweddle-O’Donnell Williamstown
Nyakoat Dojiok North Melbourne
Matilda Zander North Melbourne
Sarah Hosking North Melbourne
Nicole Hales North Melbourne
Charlotte van der Vlies North Melbourne
Sarah King North Melbourne
Tricia Cowan North Melbourne
Elisabeth Jackson North Melbourne

Marnie Jarvis only that we know of is staying.

New names for 2023 though:

  • Kasey Lennox (ex-Don and crossed from Fark Carlton)
  • Steph Williams (ex-Cats and Tiggers AFLW)
  • Mikalee Maroney (ex-Northern Knights)

Although former AFLW players in Jordan Ivey, Erin McKinnon are listed on Hudl


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Sure, they lost Caris… but they’re ■■■■■■.

8 crossed to Roos alone

Bulldogs also announced list

Along with Mia and Courtney (which we knew already) they have added Millie Klingbeil from Fark Carlton, and former AFLW players in Renee Saulitis, Cassidy Mailer and Imogen Milford.

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The usual Best In The Business at updates… are struggling at this particular moment.