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I need to reiterate that Casey does NOT have a bad team out there.

As I mentioned a while ago, the 19yo beast Jatczak escaping Darebin to Casey might have a significant impact on the VFLW this year. She just totally bossed the Hawk FB to kick Casey’s second goal.

Mietta Kendall (with sensible hair) responds by kicking her third goal.


Mietta Kendall (still with sensible hair) kicks her fourth goal seconds after the next centre contest.


Stratton marks two metres out with seconds left and… wait, LOL, misses.

Hawks 14.6.90 Casey 2.2.14 at the final break.

And they won’t be anywhere near top of the ladder :rofl:

Stratton starts the second quarter by marking 15 metres out and… wait, LOL, missing.

Mietta Kendall (with boring hair) banana kicks out of a pack thirty out for her fifth goal.

Insane sequence getting the ball forward… and Tamara Luke takes the contested one-handed mark in the goal square. Kicks her third goal.

Fleming on 35 disposals.

This is Globetrotter ■■■■.

103-14 with 13 minutes left.

Two minutes later, 39.

And that included the lost time getting the ball back to the middle of the ground.

Geeeeeeet stuffed…

Caitlin Thorne slots one from the boundary 35m out.


This is Hawthorn/Box Hill’s highest ever score.

LOL, Matin slots one out of a pack from the point post.


The modern VFLW record to beat is Casey’s 130 vs Darebin last year.

Six minutes left…

In case you are wondering… Box Hill play Darebin in round 9, the probable last week of AFLW players.


Time will run out before they could kick two more goals (60 of 90 remaining seconds to be wasted getting the ball back to the middle).

19.8.122 defeats 2.2.14

But only third on the ladder!

95 disposals and 16 clearances from Fleming/Bates/West…

Sophie Casey topped Casey’s stats with 20 disposals, 10 tackles, and 8 clearances.

Here’s my modelled final ladder – liberally apply :salt:

Note: as Sydney and GWS are yet to play, I gave them middling draws in their first game.

Place Team Games Points For Against Percentage
1 Hawks 14 56 893 438 203.88%
2 Willy 14 52 712 404 176.24%
3 Saints 14 48 616 392 157.14%
4 Port 14 40 594 422 140.76%
5 FCFC 14 36 609 502 121.34%
6 Norf 14 32 679 607 111.86%
7 Bulldogs 14 28 621 594 104.55%
8 Magpies 14 16 427 568 75.18%
9 Darebin 14 12 411 661 62.18%
10 EFC 14 12 392 647 60.59%
11 GWS 5 10 160 155 103.24%
12 Swans 5 10 199 195 102.06%
13 Geelong 14 4 459 736 62.36%
14 Casey 14 0 454 905 50.17%

Yes, the model says Darebin will beat the Cats, Pies (yes please!), and Casey.

My tips, still shonky on this small sample but possibly less so than the model, have us finishing 6th and Casey 7th.

Current ladder, with the NSW teams snipped out. Hawks just managed to get to second place.

We will be better placed after four rounds than we were last year (0-1-3).

150 games (at all levels)

(Tierney going off on the right)


Broader version of that second photo also included Huta, Frew, Bentley, Radford, and AshleyCooper.

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Norf beat FCFC 29-8, already.

Most remarkable bit of that was Nyakoat Dojiok providing 19 of that Norf score, having a game-leading 21 disposals, 4 clearances, and 8 (!!!) frees for.

Sounds like a torrid day for FCFC (oh diddums) with Di Cosmo 18 tackles and Rhodes 16. Barba was next with just 8.