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Hmmmmmmm… my records say it is 49. RookieMe agrees, and AFLWStats agrees with us both 2021-2023. As she came from NSW, she did not sneakily have a junior game with another club before joining us.

And the Port announcement of the poaching of her and Clarke also says 47 at that point…

Pies semi-competitive.

They get a 50 metre penalty and kick their first goal to trail 7-9 early in the second quarter.


She also was the one to hit up Harley for their other goal.

Port lead 15-7

Haven’t seen the Hawks team yet, but they should absolutely murder the Cats (whose changes are below, and are brutal for an already thinly-experienced squad).

In: Jamilla Cranny, Bridget Aughton, Zoe Cowan, Zoe Larkins, Olivia Stewart, Jane McMeel

Out: Abbey McDonald (unavailable), Abby Favell (Injury), Lily Jordan (Injury), Olivia Cicolini (concussion), Gabbi Featherston (injury), Kelsea Gray (ommitted)

One does simply let Fede come from the goal face and screw it over her shoulder from 15m out.

Port are now stretching the lead; that included a long set shot by Harley scraping over the pack.


I know the end score was ugly, but last week Port trailed us 2-5 for scores at halftime; this week they lead 10-3.

Patterson setting up for another big third quarter – CLUNKS, and goals.


Port 9.7.61 defeats Pies 3.3.21

Get ■■■■■■… GWS and Sydney can play >10 AFLW players, and GWS at least intend to do so.

Darebin and Willy don’t have to play either of them.

The GIANTS’ VFLW squad is comprised of 26 members of the GIANTS’ AFLW playing list plus up to 15 train-on players from the GIANTS Female Academy as well as high-end talent from local community football.

With a squad of over 40 girls to pick from for the 21 spots each week, Bernasconi said he’ll look to balance the workload across his more senior players while aiming to give the younger players as much opportunity as possible to learn through genuine game repetitions.

“Dependent on a healthy list, we’ll look to get two to three games into some of our more experienced players and then there’ll be a number of younger players who we’ll look to play every game to fast-track their development,” he said.

“We’ll play between 10-15 AFLW girls each week”

VFLW Train-on List:

  • Zoe Hurrell - North Shore Bombers
  • Grace Buchan - Griffith Swans
  • Olivia Edwards - North Shore Bombers
  • Sophie Kavanagh - Parramatta Goannas
  • Caitlin Fletcher - Parramatta Goannas
  • Summer Hall - East Coast Eagles
  • Teagan Germech - East Coast Eagles
  • Sophia De Castella - Ainsle Football Club, GIANTS Academy
  • Megan Misfud - Parramatta Goannas, GIANTS Academy
  • Ava Barraclough - North Shore Bombers, GIANTS Academy
  • Ashley Patton - Tuggeranong Valley AFNC, GIANTS Academy
  • Timeka Rourke - Leeton Crows, GIANTS Academy
  • Bridget Corcoran - East Coast Eagles, GIANTS Academy
  • Charlotte Canavan - Ainslie Football Club, GIANTS Academy
  • Amelie Prosser-Shaw - East Coast Eagles, GIANTS Academy

I mean Box Hill played 11 AFLW players against Geelong so what’s stopping other AFLW-aligned sides? Let’s put all our best AFLW players lol.

Also that train on list is ■■■■■■ considering all the best NSW talent… Barraclough, Canavan, Prosser-Shaw, Rourke, De Castella and then presumably VFLW premiership player Grace Buchan (unless there is a different one)

Also them talking about Cambridge McCormick getting games if she is the “AFLW player to watch”… Can"t wait for Wales v her.

I did LOL at this:

We had the exact same tally of AFLW games, and a lot fewer VFLW games… and didn’t lose by 94.

Hawks mass-rotating their AFLW players:

GWS “only” 11 AFLW-listed players.

18 for Sydney??

Doggies are going to get their ■■■■■ kicked.

Also well done to Ex-Don Grunden!

I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked to find that the VFLW is being used to prop up NSW AFLW teams.

Well, not that shocked.

GIANTS squad v Carlton:

FB: Cambridge McCormick, Daisy Walker
HB: Teagan Germech, Tarni Evans, Summer Hall
C: Emily Pease, Megan Misfud, Madison Brazendale
HF: Jessica Doyle, Sophie De Castella, Sophie Kavanagh
FF: Fleur Davies, Zarlie Goldsworthy
RR: Eilish O’Dowd, Kaitlyn Srhoj, Mikayla Pauga

Interchange: Grace Buchan, Amelie Prosser-Shaw, Caitlin Fletcher, Olivia Edwards, Charlotte Canavan

Hurrell not selected.

@PH_WARFRadio which bus should that first interchange player take to get to this game?

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Doggies taking big risks not naming any AFLW players against Sydney’s 18!