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And 80% of the load will fall onto ex-Essendon players!

B: E Cornish (55), C Ugle (29)
HB: S Asciak (28), T Crook (30), A Snow (57)

LOL at the hardship the Bin Chickens have to endure. Neither of their AFLW captains, and even had to name three train-ons!

In the absence of AFLW co-captains Chloe Molloy and Lucy McEvoy, young star and Montana Ham will take the honour of captaining the side.

The BUCHAN bus!

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Gemma Bastiani says there are no AFLW-listed players limits, for any teams.

Hawks will never play 21 AFLW-listed, because that would infringe upon their required veterans allocation.

We need to win a few games before round 9, though…

I’ve finished my 40km round-trip ride.

Swans lead Dogs 65-13

GWS trail FCFC 7-15 in the second quarter.

Hopefully we drew the right foreign team…

Ham goals to make it 72-13 with 11.5 minutes left.

FCFC are destroying GWS! A fifty and goal makes it 27-8

It was Keck as well!

Ham kicks her fourth goal… 78-14

Ham kicks her fifth goal… 6 minutes left to ruin the percentage more.

Willy are going head-to-head with Port (at home, no apparent wind). Miss a set shot to make it 1-8 after 1.5 quarters.

Brazendale kicks a goal for GWS right before the siren

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Whiting keeping things interesting.

7-20 with 16 minutes left.

Julian (what are you doing forward?) miracle snap touched on the line.


28-point turnaround sees FCFC lose.

What a shame.

Commentator thinks a “Marina Anthony” played.

Port have ended up comfy winners (32-8 with a few minutes left).

Fede Frew and Nicole Julian both reached 50 VFLW games today.

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Norf’s Audrey Rhodes got more tackles in their game against Casey then the AFLM record! Pretty impressive stuff

… in 2/3 of the game time!

Laura Gardiner had 47 disposals last weekend… so call that 70 :exploding_head:

(She had a piddly 14 tackles!)

Chloe Molloy named vs Norf…