Miscellaneous VFLWomen comments and articles

Milford contested mark and… POSTER!

33-21, with 16 minutes left.

33-22, that ridiculous bounce almost set up a Dog goal.

Gogos moves to top of the disposal tally: 21, and 9 tackles.

And now Ange hits up the leading Baisis.

Touched on the goal line, 34-22

Dogs stream forward to 35m from goal before conceding it.

Dematteeeeeoooooooo rundown tackle!

Was at halfback, calm down.

10 minutes to go…

Wake a great late punch to stop a Dog set shot with 98 minutes left.

Ruck free kick to the Dogs, 30m out…

… and stopped a metre from the goals.

Darebin didn’t want to rush it, Dog ruck grabs it and snaps… confusion, did it hit the goal post or the ump?!?

After discussion (time doesn’t stop), it was the post.

34-23, with 6 minutes to go.

4 minutes…

3.5 left, Dematteeeeeoooooo huge mark on the wing versus two Dogs.


Dribble kick from forty metres out by YOU KNOW WHO curls the wrong way in the last few metres.

35-23, 2 minutes left.

Can not lose from here.

In the Falcon pocket, their free.


41-23 after Callinan goals from a goal square contest.

That’s the final score.

DeMatteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooo 5.2.32
Rest of Darebin 1.3.9
Footscray 3.5.23

‘Member the opening rounds of 2021 when Essendon couldn’t score and DeMatteo was the emergency every week? And she never played again, despite Quigley shortly afterwards having a season-ending injury?

Radio 3DJR ‘members.

On the State of Play podcast it was noted that some knew FCFC were going to largely play an AFLW team for weeks (but obviously didn’t consider it news).

Also, AFLW players can now qualify for VFLW finals via one game (not three).

What a shame FCFC aren’t making finals.

(It is mathematically possible, but involves improbable stuff like Geelong beating Port. Maybe FCFC could bribe them to play their Prespakis et al.)

That’s poor, the AFaiL really don’t want the VFLW to succeed do they.

Footscray making 5 changes after losing to Darebin. I call panic on the eve of finals.

In: M Sandral, A Snow, C Pickett, T Pulcino, T Hurst
Out: I McLeay (injured), M Cowan (injured), J Hutchinson, C Leonard, L Ashcroft

Geelong (our opponent next week) have made 7 changes. That includes 3 Geelong Falcons debuting.