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Dogs are farking useless excrement detritus.

2.1.13 trails 5.9.39 at three-quarter time.

In the space of a couple seconds we got this: a spear, a sling tackle, and a German supplex (non-release, shoulders pinned to the ground).

Play on. Good stuff.

14-40 at 9 minutes into the last.

A Pie is wearing a Dog-coloured mouthguard. Oooo-kay.

She needed it too, got two fists through her head. Did get the free.

Bleeding’ Dogs, making Pies not feel totally awful. FFS.

14-46, 6 minutes left.

Fark Footscray (and fark Collingwood).


Dogs make yet another precise kick to a Pie. They’ve been absolutely useless for 71 of 80 minutes of this game.

2.3.15 lose to 7.10.52, allowing the Pie morons to do the drone.

Pathetic. Fark off Eddie.

Over to the other thread, and hopefully Willy do the right thing.

(The 12yo umpire is called Courtney Gibson.)

The awards, presented by the state government, recognise outstanding young Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Ugle was honoured for her efforts in coordinating an early intervention and prevention program promoting healthy relationships to Aboriginal youth, as well as her constant work in building and promoting female participation in Australian Football.

The proud Noongar woman received a bursary of $1500 to go with the award.


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This is kinda embarrassing. Ugle featured in a video about under-16 girls and I ran here to say her broken leg was out of the moon boot.

Then I looked at the photo above, that I posted, from 17 days ago.


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Article on Barba (and a bit of Patrikios), who were a decent part of our winning end to the year. She was a seriously composed and skilled addition to our half-back line.

The Cannons reached this year’s NAB League Girls Grand Final in big part due to the on-ball efforts of prolific top-ager Georgia Patrikios and 16-year-old competition best-and-fairest Georgie Prespakis.

But hard-nosed 18-year-old Barba was another key factor in a young Calder outfit’s rise this season, averaging 12 disposals and seven tackles (ranked second of all players) per game across 11 matches.

The Cannons fell to the Northern Knights by 33 points in May’s decider, but Barba went on to represent Vic Metro in the NAB AFL Women’s Under-18 Championships and make four Swisse Wellness VFL Women’s appearances for the Bombers.

The Roxburgh Park (Essendon District FL) product kickstarted her emergence as a prospect for selection in October 22’s NAB AFLW Draft late last year.

“I wanted to be able to play in the midfield this year, so I had my own pre-season before the actual pre-season,” Barba said at last week’s NAB AFLW Draft Combine. “I got my fitness up, focused on winning ground-balls and cleaned up my skills a little bit, just to give myself the best shot of playing in the midfield.

“They’re (Patrikios and Prespakis) such composed players, and being able to compose yourself in pressure situations gives you a lot more time to think and execute your skills.

“I was also able to stay more involved in the game and was able to make it to contests a little bit quicker than I usually would last year.”

Barba found motivation from external sources as well as from within, wanting to prove to others that there was more to her game than may have met the eye in 2018.

“I guess everyone faces a little bit of criticism in football, and maybe sometimes it’s about proving to yourself that you’re not what people make you out to be,” Barba said.

“I wanted to be a confident player this year – someone who takes the game on and holds up under pressure.

“I think with the way I’ve been brought up as a person and the way I’ve handled those situations this year, it’s boosted my confidence and capability in football.”

Those traits were on show when Barba played in Essendon’s final four games of the VFLW season.

She ran out in three of those alongside Patrikios – a potential high draft pick come October and role model to many more AFLW aspirants than just Barba.

“Being able to run out at the Bombers with Georgia and (fellow Calder top-ager) Felicity Theodore was a really humbling experience, because we’ve gone through the same sort of situation,” she said.

“We always kept an eye out for each other in the games; Georgia’s a run-off player, so I know to give her the handball. Knowing each other’s game is handy in those situations.

“Being able to see the physicality at the elite level was just amazing too. I love the physical side of football.”

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Well done to Georgia and Krstel, who have been drafted today.


No Alana Barba?

GTFO, AFLW teams.

And keep playing for us, Alana. You’ll be absolutely irrefutable by the end of next year.


Yes, I know it is also in The Stringer thread but it deserves to be in here too.


TIWI POWER was the best part of the VFLW this year.

Well, that and winning lots of games.


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Topped disposals for her game (18+5 tackles, from 15-minutes-with-time-on quarters) despite being on the losing side.

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