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Thank God for that.


Looking through photos to identify who’s training with us/is back… my memory 18 months on is a bit rusty.

I see in the earlier tweet that DeMatteo is also back.

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“They’ll face Darebin in a practice match on February 14 to fine-tune their preparations”

There are names against the photos there, yay. Unhappy Barba didn’t get into the AFLW but very happy to have kept her. New to us are Nicole Julian, Mia-Rae Clifford, Laura Cocomello, and Emma Mackay (plus likely others not shown).


Nicole Julian: 168cm 28yo who played 15 games for Melb Uni last year. Mediocre stats, appears to be a dour defender (I see a reference to her shutting down Richmond’s bank robber last year).

Mia-Rae Clifford: previously commented on her. Another established key position player.

Laura Cocomello: 18yo, last two years at Calder Cannons, with at least 2020 as the captain there.

Emma Mackay: 30yo, has played for Footscray VFLW and can rack up significant stats (e.g. 23 kicks and 8 marks in the opening game of 2018).


Krstel Petrevski (31 @ Melbourne) and Lauren Ahrens (7 @ Gold Coast) playing AFLW today.

Question is whether we get the likes of these back for the second half of the VFLW season (Lauren was on our list, Petrevski was a Cannons top-up and is Mo22ie’s niece).

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And similarly whether the likes of Plugger Perkins come back (to the Hawks). She clunks one at the top of the square and goals to put Gold Coast in front at quarter time. Not sure how she didn’t get drafted before this year!

Petrveski textbook front-and-centre for a goal to put Melbourne back in front.

Commentators discuss who the best forward rovers have been in the AFLW: Ponter (niece of Michael Long and who played for us in our first season) gets a mention.

Meanwhile, the umps have now given Melbourne two goals via over-sensitive fifties.

Any further goss on the praccy match on Feb 14?


Petrevski kicks her second goal by running down a defender.

Ally Anderson gets the first disposal in the Bears/Tigers game. She is the only EFC VFLW player in this game.

Collier and Bullas were part of the WCE team smashed yesterday.

(The Bank Robber is at full-forward for Richmond. For some reason the commentary team don’t call her that.)

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Bank Robber?

Stahl. Convicted bank robber, did zero time.


It’s quite nice having football back in some capacity, particularly in the arvo. Noticed the skills in AFLW seem to be getting a bit better too.

The Bear’s Cathy Svarc, sister to our Ruby, is equally as fast. Ruby is now also on the Bears’ list, but not playing today.

One notable addition to the group for track watchers lately has been Taylor Langford, younger sister of Kyle. Taylor broke her ankle badly and missed all of her year 12 footy year in 2019 where she was captain of her school team and of course didn’t play last year so is coming from a way back but will never suffer from lack of hard work or dedication, hopefully a sneaky chance to play some footy for the club this year.


Been a while since Radio 3DJR has had exclusive calling rights for The Langford. Excellent!

(I see she has a history of athletics, including winning steeplechase races.)