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Man escapes being hit by stray rock from controlled demolition by inches

A video has emerged of what appears to be a flying chunk of concrete narrowly missing a spectator at a clothing factory demolition in the Czech Republic

This group of onlookers may have thought they were standing at a safe distance when they gathered to watch the demolition of a textile factory in the Czech Republic.

But as the OP Prostejov clothing building collapses in a controlled explosion and smoke begins to rise, a rogue chunk of rubble the size of fist of can be seen flying towards the bystanders.

One man ducks just in time as it whizzes past his head and almost hits the person holding the camera.

The close shave has been watched over 250,000 times since it was posted on YouTube on Sunday,

Some viewers have questioned whether the scene has been faked, but the rogue rock appears to have also been captured in a another video of the event taken from a different angle.




Shades of the infamous Canberra Hospital demolition in 1997


Is that Chappy? 

Is that Chappy? 


Nup, moves too fast.

Who stands around watching an implosion?

Who stands around watching an implosion?


Looks like plenty do. Seems like a dumb idea.


This was one was in Canberra in 1997. 1 dead, 9 others injured.



ACT Government pumped it up as a major event and one of the local radio stations had a comp to push the plunger.

Farking stupid idea.

Who wouldn’t want to blow up a building or two, legally obvious, would be heaps of fun.

And you’d wanna be far enough away

Who stands around watching an implosion?


Implosion? but I thought you said explosion

Go to the active volcana Mount Yasur on Tanna Island in Vanuatu if you want a similar experience any day of the week. Tourists get killed at times and regularly injured as it explodes and it doesn’t stop anyone coming. Plenty there the night we went, including 2 Oz families with kids, and we nearly got sconned when the rocks started raining down.
Security was paramount though, we got yellow raincoats and were advised to look up after an exposion and get ready to sidestep rather than run backwards.

Who stands around watching an implosion?

Mick Malthouse, Peter Gordon etc.

Who stands around watching an implosion?

Well people are willing to pay to watch explosions, just look at the Transformers movie franchise.