Missing/crashed planes, and other aviation mis/adventures

Unfortunately airport collisions are almost a daily thing these days at many airports. Just far too much traffic in a congested space. We are only going to start hearing more and more about these incidents

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Sri Lankan Airlines plane forced to make emergency landing after in-air chaos

An international flight was forced to turn back to Australia after just 30 minutes following a worrying smell in the cockpit and cabin.

Tess McCracken

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February 13, 2024 - 8:53AM

NCA NewsWire


Passengers may soon be compensated for delayed and…

Passengers may soon be compensated for delayed and cancelled flights


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An international flight bound for Colombo has been forced to make an emergency landing at Melbourne Airport following reports of smoke entering the cockpit and cabin.

Sri Lankan Airline Flight UL605 took off from Tullamarine shortly after 6:30pm Monday but declared an emergency within half an hour of take off.

The airbus returned to Melbourne Airport shortly before 7:30pm after the emergency squawk code of 7700 was sounded.

The emergency call meant the flight quickly became the most tracked flight, with nearly 10,000 people across the world tracking it on FlightRadar24.com.

Crews reported smoke in the cockpit, according to TravelTalk.

A passenger of the flight said there was a “full activation of emergency services” after a Sri Lankan airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing. Picture: Dennis Bunnik/ X

A Melbourne Airport spokesperson said crews on board the Airbus A330-300 requested a return to the airport shortly after its departure.

“In line with Melbourne Airport procedures, a local standby was declared, with emergency services responding as a precaution,” a statement from the airport said.

“The aircraft landed safely and without incident.

“Passengers disembarked normally.”

Sri Lankan Airline said it has since identified a “technical issue”.

“All passengers on-board disembarked safely,” the airline told 7 NEWS

“A team of technicians is currently assessing the aircraft and providing technical support.”

Aviation YouTuber and UL605 passenger Dennis Bunnik praised the crew’s handling of the in air emergency.

“All safe and sound. 30 minutes out of MEL on the way to Sri Lanka we turned around,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Circled for a while and landed with full activation of emergency services.

“We landed safely. Crew handled it very well. Everybody calm on board.

“When (sic) got to gate the captain advised there was an issue with the aircon.”

It is understood passengers have been provided with hotel accommodation and the flight is being rescheduled.

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The aircraft most likely will be ferried back for repairs in the coming days.
With Sri Lankan airlines having such a small fleet I don’t think the recovery time for those passengers will be super quick. Going to have to either cancel some other flights and reshuffle or put them on other carriers.

One of the issues travelling on second tier airline I suppose

Absolutely. There are some great ones out there too but generally the smaller airlines just don’t have recovery mechanisms if a plane goes U/S.
Sri Lankan has for memory only about 8 wide body aircraft although I think they are still wet leasing one or two but that doesn’t give much wiggle room if one goes down

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Dashcam of that Bombardier 604 crash in Florida.


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I wonder what pilots are taught in these situations? It looks like they knew were in trouble and put people on the ground at risk trying to land on the road.

This guy doing an interesting diversion


Almost certainly weather related. The wind and rain is absolutely bonkers in parts of Melbourne at the moment.

Looks like tried to land twice now, descended to 1500 feet and aborted both times, doesn’t look like it is raining at the airport (yet). Everybody else doing loops in the countryside so not sure why he’s got the urgency to try to land (twice)

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Flew low past my house heading directly at the front. Crazy.

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Hail the size of golf balls doesn’t help either. Choas currently

Somebody texting 3AW from onboard Qantas flight from Sydney just been diverted to Adelaide. Passengers not happy by the sounds of it :smile:



Maybe Mr Aceman can explain the diversion procedures, but the airport is up and running again and flights landing, why are they going to Adelaide? They have not been delayed that long compared to others

Same Virgin Sydney flight still spinning around

I’m assuming they’ve got fuel to divert whereas others need to land locally.

All planes must have enough fuel onboard to allow for a weather divert.
They will hold until they get to a fuel state where they must divert (and still have minimum safe fuel onboard and land).


Maggots on a plane.

Passengers reported the back of the plane was left teeming with the larvae that it later emerged were emanating from a rotten fish.

“The lady right behind us told the flight attendants the maggots were falling on her head. I turned around and they were wiggling around on the seat… Absolutely gross.”

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No one has mentioned the turn back to Melbourne on the Sri Lankan plane yesterday because of the smell of smoke in the cabin.

So my Daughter is a massive Swiftie (yes she is going Sunday) and she followed her plane on the flight tracker. So a couple of questions.
What is the flight experience on a plane that size? is it smooth? noisy? faster?
Also the flight stopped in Hawaii. Does it stop there as it needs to refuel?

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12000km range.