Missing/crashed planes, and other aviation mis/adventures

Unless you are trying to hang right over the edge to take a photo and I mean way over, those baskets are pretty deep, its hard to accidentally fall out of those things.

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I’m always amazed how Melbourne allows balloon flights over major population areas.

I can’t think of any other major city that do this? Maybe Europe?

Article updated with a Lifeline “call out” would seem to confirm what we are thinking.

Not a nice situation all round, for everyone involved both on the ground and in the air.


We have been ballooning in many cities in Europe and parts of USA. Best was Paris, and next was Denver going over the Rockies.

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Ballooning is popular in the Capital of Australia, although no flights allowed over the US Embassy or PH. The dogs used to go beserk at balloons flying over the back yards.
Canowindra is supposed to be the best place in Oz, but there was a terrible accident a few years ago.

@Aceman have you heard what happened with the Qantas Flight that had to return to Melbourne after it took off for Brisbane, was making a odd noise and was flying 50+kms from Tulla with its under cartridge down.

This wouldn’t have been a fun experience https://aviationsourcenews.com/incident/qantas-flight-from-melbourne-suffers-engine-failure-in-perth/



Gets up.

Opens bedroom blinds.

Sees seven hot-air balloons.

Decides to drive up Albert Street, Preston, and throw boomerangs.


I think spears might be more effective on them…


Down here it’s drive up Albert Rd and throw donuts. Especially in someone else’s car that you’ve just nicked.

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Shi te situation.

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This came up on my feed

Tower making jokes

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An oldie but a good one. “Vodka burner”


It will buff out.


“The plane was brought back from the „Hangar“ (Maintenance) sadly they did not put any breaks nor the blocks at the „wheels“. So it went straight into the only A380 Gate at the Vienna Airport.”


A brand new #AustrianAirlines #airbus #a320neo (registration OE-LZQ) has sustained severe damage after reportedly colliding with stationary structures at #Vienna International Airport. It’s unclear what caused the incident at this time and if there were injuries

F.A.A. Investigates Claims by Boeing Whistle-Blower About Flaws in 787 Dreamliner (link)

The whistle-blower, an engineer, says that sections of the plane’s body are being assembled in a way that could weaken the aircraft over time. Boeing says there is no safety issue.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating claims made by a Boeing engineer who says that sections of the fuselage of the 787 Dreamliner are improperly fastened together and could break apart mid-flight after thousands of trips.

The engineer, Sam Salehpour, who worked on the plane, detailed his allegations in interviews with The New York Times and in documents sent to the F.A.A. A spokesman for the agency confirmed that it was investigating the allegations but declined to comment on them.

Mr. Salehpour, whose résumé says he has worked at Boeing for more than a decade, said the problems stemmed from changes in how the enormous sections were fitted and fastened together in the assembly line. The plane’s fuselage comes in several pieces, all from different manufacturers, and they are not exactly the same shape where they fit together, he said.

Boeing conceded those manufacturing changes were made, but a spokesman for the company, Paul Lewis, said there was “no impact on durability or safe longevity of the airframe.”