Missing/crashed planes, and other aviation mis/adventures

The seriously injured would need to negotiate the amount. And there could be attempts to negotiate the amount down for those not wearing seatbelts. IDK which law would apply.
A colleague who was injured in a similar incident on a work trip flying Austrian years ago had a hard time negotiating compensation ( complicated by her employer contribution in the form of leave and medical expenditure). She never really recovered, physically or mentally.
It could depend on how much Singapore Airlines is prepared to pay to protect its image.

It’s now being reported that the offer is A$15k, roughly A$38k for more serious injuries.

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They just made $2bn profit and paid every single worker a bonus that equals 8 months of their pay. With Australia being one of their key markets they will do whatever needed to keep up their good image

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From memory, the Australians injured on the plane were in single digit ( one a Brit citizen married to an Australian) . Singapore paid for all the Thailand hospital costs.
It would be hard to set up a class action with different nationalities residing in different countries and with varying levels of injuries.

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More have claimed minor injuries since from what I understand

Flew Emirates a few days ago and they were comically obsessed with reminding people about seatbelts.

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Did they serve meals and drinks on a flight path like the Bay of Bengal?

Nah, they weren’t complete morons.

Singapore has stopped crew service on that route.

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Would personal travel insurance come into it? And re the seatbelts I presume it’s whether the lights were on or off.

There’s always delayed whiplash :wink:



RAAF KC-30A Air refueling aircraft from No.33 Squadron spotted at Melbourne airport now.


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And in light of this, Air NZ CEO who was supposed to be on the NZ PMs plane to Japan, got on the blower and has diverted the Air NZ flight from Auckland to Tokyo to divert to Brisbane to pick up the NZ PM

Rather ironic as Luxon was CEO of Air NZ for the best part of 8 years and basically crippled them to the point where a decent airline is pretty average these days