Missing/crashed planes, and other aviation misadventures

Stephen Gale did a lot for aviation in Australia and for people. I wasn’t a close friend, but he was my hangar-mate for some time. Stephen demonstrated a consistent professional approach to aviating. He was enormously passionate about it, and it rubbed off on people outside the ‘industry’ enough that they soon found themselves encouraged, captivated and participating. He was absolutely behind encouraging more women into aviation. Love that. His wife is a F/O with Qantas on 737. He was probably the same with engineering which like aviation resonates with me as I’m endeavouring to same. Most of all he shared. Shared something that was otherwise out of scope for most people. Deepest condolences to his wife, and 9 month old baby………


Gale was the owner of the business, right?


9 month old baby. Far out that’s rough.


Time is precious.

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Someone should tell the US Navy that their submarine patrol P-8 aircraft doesn’t need to physically look under the water for those subs.


Where else do you expect to find them?

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An L-29 crashed at an airshow in Agentina last week.


Flights Suspended After United Nigeria Airlines Airbus A320 Lands At The Wrong Airport


A United Nigeria Airlines flight landed about 171 miles from the real destination.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has launched an investigation into a flight operated by United Nigeria Airlines (UNA), which landed at the wrong airport. According to local reports, the regulatory body has suspended the airline’s wet-leased aircraft, significantly disrupting its schedules and leaving several passengers stranded.

“Welcome to Abuja”

On November 26, what seemed like a routine flight for UNA passengers became more interesting than they anticipated. UN504 was a scheduled flight from Lagos Murtala Muhammed (LOS) to Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport (ABV). However, the flight was “diverted” to Asaba International Airport (ABB), about 171 NM (316.6 km) from the intended destination.

Bugger, the Nigerian prince that i inherited 22.4 million from was on that flight, does that mean i wont get it now?


It just means you need to send me $1700 to organise his flights and accommodation to get him from Asaba to Abuja so he can process your inheritance paperwork.


Ah cool, phew!!

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Another Osprey?

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Yep. No initial reports on the crew.

Of course it is.
They are a friggin death trap but after all the crashes and deaths they still won’t pull them from service


Wikipedia is a bit out of date, but extrapolating a bit around 17 of 400 aircraft built have crashed and 60-70 people have died in them.

That’s 4-5% of the fleet that has crashed, roughly 1 in 20 aircraft.

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Yep, they are temperamental death traps. I would refuse to fly them as they have known issues and instead of fixing the problems or scrapping them they just give the pilots another briefing or training course and then just wait for the next one to go down


US armed forces accept that their people are expendable in service of “operations”

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I have always kind have wondered if development of the gyroplane concept from the Fairey Rotodyne could have met the same range and speed performance as the V-22, if even a quarter of the money spent on the V-22 had been invested in it. It is certainly mechanically simpler and could achieve a similar payload, although slower and shorter ranged in the prototype form it was at when it was killed off.

To my thinking, mechanically simpler equals fewer potential failure modes equals inherently can be made safer than the tilt-rotor configuration.

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