Mlb 2018


Sox just need to win this and they’ll roll through the ALCS and WS, might lose one game over the 2 series.


Astros are a decent side, they won’t be brushed aside easily


Brewers about to sweep the Rockies. Leading 6-0 mid 9.


Absolutely cracking post-season so far.


Buehler throws a 5 pitch first inning, then gets into all sorts on the second. Walk to Markakis, Camargo and Suzuki strike out, Albies singles, Culberson gets the intentional pass and walks the pitcher on 4 pitches to give the Braves their first run of the series.

Then goes 3-0 to Acuña and the fourth pitch is 10 inches high but called a strike. Next pitch hit out of the park for a 5-0 Braves lead.

Bet he wishes the fourth pitch had been called a ball and then pitched to Inciarte.


Acuña was born the day before the movie Titanic came out.


Red Sox need to start playing some better baseball. This series could get away from them in New York. Price should never start v Yanks again in Post Season


Dodgers back to 5-5 with homers to Muncy and Taylor and a 2-run single from Turner.


Freeman homers on Wood’s first pitch bottom 6.

6-5 Braves


Braves win 6-5. Some nervous moments in the 9th with two on, none out and a 3-0 count on Muncy. Survived that, struck out on a wild pitch advancing both runners and Dozier struck out to end it.


Braves hang on just. Thought LA were certainties to score in the 9th


Brewers Smashing it!


Astros sweep the Tribe winning 11-3

Braves had a 2-1 lead in the 6th but a 2-run single by Freese and a 3-run homer by Machado puts them up 6-2 in the 7th.


Ends 6-2


In trouble now


Red Sox up 7-0 with none out in the 4th.

Benintendi just cleared the bases with a barney rubble.


Yep, that’s the game and now we’ve lost the home field advantage we gained by winning game 2. Disappointing



Now do not start Price game 4


On the board bottom of the 4th. Long way back, but starting to string some hits together now.


Yankees in deep trouble now