Mlb 2018


Just saw it was in the 18th :open_mouth:


Finally…Muncy homers in the bottom of the 18th.


Did Eovaldi go too long?
Have only seen last 5 minutes on TV in airport and with no volume so not sure how he was travelling


Did they have anyone else they could use?


Eovaldi was going fine. They only had starters left, so would spoiled them for later games.




Pitch count of 96, that’s pretty deep.


Pitch count in the 90’s I see. They were also all high pressure pitches which adds a bit more spice. Sox don’t lose from a 3-0 series lead so I’d take the risk with a SP personally


Holy Fark, Puig just crunched that


First run in Game 4 comes in the 6th inning, and again thanks to an errant throw.

Freese HBP and is replaced by Hernandez. Muncy K’s. Turner doubles, moving runner to 3rd. Bellinger puts down a dribbler. Vazquez makes the out at home but throws it down the first base line for the DP. Turner scores on the error. Puig blasts one deep into left field seats to make it 4-0, 2 outs, bottom 6.


Moreland hits a 3-run homer with 2 outs in the 7th. Walks hurt.


Jansen comes in for the 8th to get through the best hitters…Pearce hits one out.

4-4 in the 8th. Hope it doesn’t go deep into extras. I want to mow the back lawn.


All tied up now


No stopping the Sox now.
Going to be the 4-1 series win most predicted


Pearce has cleared the bases with a 3-run double following Devers’s pinch-hit single which put the Sox in front.

Now 8-4 with 2 out top 9.

Betts and Martinez hitless, but the Sox first basemen have combined for 7 RBI.

Might get that lawn mown now.

Edit…9-4 on a Bogaerts single.


Hernandez hits Kimbrel for a 2-run homer.

9-6, no outs bottom 9

All over.


Pearce was huge.

Eovaldi was insane on Sat. He took it upon himself to not let Pomeranz pitch haha.

Stupid work tomorrow


Sox out early. Betts flies out, Benintendi single, Pearce homer.

Pearce getting closer to series MVP.


Freese hits Price’s first pitch out.



Freese tripled with 1 out, bottom 3, but they couldn’t get him home.

Still 2-1 into the 4th