Moana Hope Goes Ape

We all enjoy the right to express displeasure at the opinion of others but is social media the right forum when the person who caused the displeasure was sitting right there and you could have discussed it face to face?

Putting the comments of M Malthouse to one side, can’t say I agree with how M Hope handled things.


What are you torkin bout Diggs?

Malthouse said AFLW sucks. Mo Hope went ape.

That’s how she perceived it although Malthouse is claiming that’s not what he said at all. And he has some support from others who were present at the discussion.

I’d like to know why she preferred to leave the event and sledge Malthouse on social media rather than say challenge him directly? She was right there after all.

Millennials haven’t lost the ability to discuss things face to face have they?


If Moana had of approached Mick & expressed her thoughts face-to-face, it may not have escalated & could have been resolved at the time. But, it is her prerogative to walk & go sick via social media. That option has created a mini storm, though. Resolve privately or play it out publicly? Mick will prolly drop her a line & it will blow over soon.

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I agree with you, though. I would have sought direct clarification.

She was probably not keen on having M Malthouse call her a stupid idiot who knows nothing and shouldn’t ever question Mick Malthouse in front of 500 high rollers.
And you know he would.


malthouse asked his opinion by his daughter. says his opinion.

whats next we get angry at boomers yelling at clouds?


You’d hope so.

Choosing to be outraged on social media rather than choosing to discuss why you believe an opposing opinion is wrong when the opportunity is available is something that needs to stop.

I don’t want to say that M Hope saw this as an opportunity to grand stand to the converted at Malthouse’s expense but it looks that way.

Seems that she isn’t really interested in discussing their differences.

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I actually have no clue what the ■■■■ happened

Eddie will be fuming. That I like.

Trying to find a reason to think that this topic is spoungeThreadworthy, … I suspect there’s mo hope, …


I’m not sure he would. Malthouse might not agree with her but he’s not that far out of touch as to abuse her for a contrary opinion in front of a lunchtime crowd.

Reckon she she should have asked him to clarify what he meant first then sledged him on social media if he went after her in a nasty way.

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I dunno, he went after some very junior journos (interns maybe? Or a student network?) in a very nasty, personal fashion a few years back. And that was before he got sacked the last time.
He’s a prickly old bugger.

Yeah how dare a bloke with 40+ years experience in football give his opinion on football on a football panel.

The fact not just Mo, but her partner goes on social media posting what a disgrace of man he is fkn disgusting and sums up both of them.


Although I agree with the gist of what you are saying (and would have personally sought direct clarification), I guess she felt deeply offended & responded accordingly. She comes across as a confident type, so I doubt she was intimidated by Mick, but who knows? Face-to-face communication is usually the better option, but wasn’t her chosen course of action. Seems fairly ■■■■■■, so will only be resolved if Mick extends an olive branch & she accepts it.

With the little info I’ve heard without delving further I got the impression that shes taken an answer from malthouse pertaining to rules of the game and extrapolated to a question about aflw.


He’s got history alright but he’s not in that pressured environment anymore. He needs theses types of engagements to make an income and to remain relevant.

It could have made for an interesting discussion but the opportunity has been lost. M Hope comes out of this looking precious.

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You’re active follower of people on social media? No offence but I thought you would be rhe last person to give a ■■■■ about that sort of stuff.

It seems to have been a question specifically pertaining to women’s footy. He reckons the rules should be modified, because he’s from the 1850s and their corsetry will get in the way.