Montagne ? Discuss

Apparently wants to be with BJ

cue meltdown

aaw…isn’t that sweet.

It's not like lasagna/lasagne - it's only spelt Montagna.


Still, I'll get on board with this highly improbable rumour.

From left field.


The only clue is that AD said on Tuesday "We have many players interested in coming to Essendon".


2 + 2 = infinity billion

it’d take our pick from the dogs for crameri and even then they would probably still want something else


Why would you stay if you were him? Stk have said through there actions that they are not going to win a flag in the next few years.


i'd rather a flag than playing for nothing, even at a reduced wage.


He needs to do the "lake"


I'll add, i'm not sure we have anything to get this done.

Lets taken him. Plus Milney. And Heath Culpitt

I hate being excited only to be disappointed. 

I hate threads where you can't even farking spell the name of the bloke right.


And for the record on this spelling topic.... it is DAL FARKING SANTO!!!!!


I have no idea who del is. Learn his FARKING NAME!!!

Throw the sink

Montague vs Capulets

Haven't the Saints already said he's not on the table?


Where did this questionable rumour come from? Facebook?

apparently we said Myers is not on the table too....yet all we hear about in this forum is that he is

■■■■■. All of you