MotoGp. 2024 . Marquez on a Ducati

On the road again…

Got wet. Got cold. Totally worth it.


Another great race. How good to see Martin, Bagnaia and Marquez in a fight for the podium. You’d think Martin has the Ducati factory team spot sewn up, but will be interesting to see who Gigi chooses and why.
Bezzecchi certainly had the pace today too.

Love the spoked rims

Yeah, they really suit this bikes overall look imo.


Miller crashes out again.

Finally caught up with it all after being away all weekend. Not good for Miller but no complaints about the quality of action packed racing. So much to admire and enjoy in both races.

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Highs and lows of racing encapsulated in two days for Pecco.

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Meanwhile, being unsure of who/if/what was done at the 1,000 km service of my Guzzi, I decided it was worth the effort to pull the rocker covers and check the valve clearances.

No wonder the idle was a bit rough (even for an air cooled, push rod twin!) . Intake is meant to be set at 0.1mm . I could comfortably slide in a .33 feeler, and with some small effort even a .35mm into the left hand cylinder intake . That’s not good. Badly set? Never set? Factory mistake? Hamfisted service mechanic? An issue with the screw and locknut adjuster? An out of tolerance push rod / follower? A Luigi Friday special? All of the above!? :rofl:

No idea. I’ll pull the rocker again in a thousand k’s and recheck it. It idles a bit better now though :face_with_peeking_eye:

Someone has also rounded off one of the Ht lead cover screws too. FFS. The joys of buying 2nd hand…

One positive - I probably have enough basic skills to do much of the work on the bike myself. That’s the advantage of a fairly simple, old tech engine.

It looks good, but.