Movie Genre - Top Ten Drama Films

Before Sunset
Eternal Sunshine
Raging Bull
All The Presidents Men
Sunset Boulevard
American Beauty
A Separation
Amores Perros


Mulholland drive… makes less sense than that time I watched highlander stoned.


I knew I would forget something. Before Sunset is an excellent film. The whole series is great.

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Loving the love for Eternal Sunshine.
I know its a bit up itself, and having Nic Cage play two roles in a film is no sort of recommendation, but Adaptation really gets to me for some reason.
It’d be up there for me.


Agree on both points.

I love that line, after Donald tells Charlie that their Mum likes his screenplay, and Charlie replies "I hear mum’s great with structure!’


I’ve always found trainspotting and American beauty to be more black comedy.

None the less great list.

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Yeah, whenever I attempt these lists half of them I’m not even sure if they meet the genre criteria.



Schindlers List
The Shawshank Redemption
A Beautiful Mind
The Last of the Mohicans
There Will Be Blood
Whale Rider
Raging Bull


Something wild
Pans labyrinth
Zero effect
About time
Only lovers left on earth
Let the right one in
Safety not guaranteed
Field of Dreams
Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

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Isn’t let the right one in horror- again good list

On the surface you could say let the right one in is a horror because it’s a vampire film, but it’s really about the relationship between the principal characters.

Easily identified as either.


Cuckoo’s Nest (I’ve found the book and film disturbing but they stick with me for some reason)

The Postman Always Rings Twice ( classic story telling and shooting without modern tech)

Shawshank (iconic, simply iconic)

Casablanca ( see Shawshank. Golden era stuff)

The Kings Speech (I found this a beautiful film in pacing and acting, nothing fancy, just well done)

Dead Poets ( I watch this whenever it’s on. Williams was a rare talent)

On the Waterfront ( Brando doing what he did)

Mystic River (Clint’s directorial triumph imo, and great performances from his cast)

Good Will Hunting (under rated. I forget how much I like it until it’s on. It’s well written, half the battle in a drama)

Lawrence of Arabia ( too damn long but it’s a visual feast and I’ve decided it’s a drama more than a war film, lol).

I excluded war films and outright crime films. I could have listed several Hitchcocks. Basically, I tried to list pure stories and it’s probably why it’s an older list.


Scent of a woman
Road to perdition
Cast away
Saving private Ryan
Truman shoe
Little miss sunshine
Any given Sunday
Cinderella man
Children of men

Dead poets is amazing. Robin Williams can make you laugh out loud one minute and then make you cry the next minute. The guy was so so so talented

Cuckoos nest is fantastic, has one of the best villains of all time too.

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I see a pattern


Tom Hanks has done some great drama films

I could of easily put in Philadelphia and Captain Phillips too

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its very much a birdman kind of movie.

critic wank

The good thing about The Social Network was that it showed what a lying, swindling douche Zuckerberg was before it became obvious to everybody.

The only good thing.

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No love for The Green Mile?