MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


which is exactly what I just said.


That’s not what you are arguing at all.

You are suggesting that he SHOULD get off.


correct. I think the match day report should’ve been thrown out because I don’t think there was enough force in to deserve being sighted in the 1st place. As will be argued by the Cats at the tribunal this evening and they’ll make their decision.


It’s obvious that’s what they will argue and my faith in the MRO is zero but he clearly takes him high and with force.

Ridiculous to say otherwise.

Would you be ok with seeing that action regularly?


Thats bs about the amount of force. It was enough to push his neck so far to one side, that he looked like Zaphod Beeblebrox with the middle head removed.


I really don’t think he hit him that hard at all. that is all. I’m not suggesting it didn’t happen, I just don’t think it was anything more than a free kick and probably a 50m penalty.


I’m not as convinced as you are.

It clearly puts Shiel down.


It was nothing. There was no force. Shiel should have been pinged for staging. Right?



for what ~5secs? didn’t have to go off the ground, was able to take his kick, played out the game no trouble. no blood rule etc.


That’s a pretty stupid question given at no stage have I said it shouldn’t have been a free kick…


So you would be comfortable seeing that regularly on the football field?


it’s against the rules, so no. but I don’t think contact of that force is a reportable offence.


Should be interesting. Cousins got a week last week for a similar offence.

Would be difficult to overturn.

I think it needs to be stamped out personally or otherwise we will continue to see it every week.


It’s only luck that it didn’t get him with more force. It needs to not happen at all regardless of force, and that’s what the rule is designed and written the way it is to do. He goes. Full stop. (Or should)


Loved the way Bellchambers handled Dahlhaus. :slightly_smiling_face:


Belly is always first one in, no questions asked.


Not for an AFL post boy it isn’t.


Drew Jones @DrewJonesFOX

Gary Ablett Jnr up in the witness box. Gary says he was surprised when he was reported. Says he wanted to tackle Shiel initially, but once Shiel handballed he wanted to minimise the contact @FOXSportsNews @FOXFOOTY #afltribunal

4:48 PM - May 7, 2019 · Melbourne, Victoria


you’re guilty as sin, god-boy. Take the L.


Worst attempted tackle ever


I always tackle with an elbow and forearm.