MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


I was booing him because he’s the worst player in his family.


You think Nathan is better?


Nathan then Luke.


Can’t wait for the weasley poindexter Whateley, who normally loves explaining how the MRP rules say it needed to be graded such and such, try and get Ablett off this one.


QCs and High Court Judges being lined up by Geelong for the Tribunal as we speak.


They will challenge and he will get off.


Thoughts and Prayers for Gary


But Adam White said it would be thrown out!


Herald Sun Tuesday Night:

“Silky QC gets Silky player off at Tribunal”.


Or they’ll let him have a week’s rest.


But then his Brownlow chances are farked!


Was that you that sent him a text this morning?
He read a text out that said “ Can’t wait to play you chokers at ■■■■■ park in a final Whateley you pretentious dikhed “
I nearly spat my coffee out laughing


This is possible. Although his form dictates he doesn’t need a rest.


Chris Scott has just heard the news


He probably sent it to himself to get some cred.


Contains some truth. Whately is pretentious.


had to be




A1 gif use!
Well played sir!


Well now the booing is justified. Thats a shame. I had hoped we just booed him because the opinionistas said: “Be good children Essendon fans and don’t boo Gary Ablett on Sunday”