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Magnificent. That word was made for Whately





  1. a boringly studious and socially inept person.


Sickens me how the media were working overtime to sweep the hit under the rug and get him off.

Remember last year how Luke Parker was being a flog and starting fights with Devon Smith who rightly stuck a knee out. They were begging for him to cop a week.


Some media twat that was working to get him off.



Never heard of him.


Fox footy isn’t he?


Yeh, RSN too, and perhaps a few other radio stations.


But Chris Scott in an interview before it was even looked at said it was innocuous. Surely Chris knows these things and is allowed to comment on them and therefore try and prejudice the response?


I like how this writer says “Even…Chris Scott”, you know the coach of the guy copping the suspension, the totally biased opinion in the discussion. Thanks media fro confirming my point.

Even Geelong coach Chris Scott believed the incident wasn’t worthy of a ban considering Shiel’s impact on the game after the knock.

“He (Shiel) didn’t just play the game, he played pretty well. He played out the next two seconds without any problems,” Scott said after the game.

“It was as insignificant force as force can get, but who cares about my opinion.”


You mean you weren’t expecting Scott to come out and say: “Yeah it was a bad look. He jumped up and hit him in the head. He deserves a week.”?


I would be expecting him to say “I didn’t see it” or “It is not for me to say”. Saying what he did immediately causes all sorts of issues that coaches are really not meant to go down. By all means say it AFTER the suspension if you feel it wasn’t warranted, but not before.


I agree it’s a bad look. I was being sarcastic. Scott’sarrogant enough to believe that he has the right to try and prejudice the tribunal outcome. no doubt he will be on record tomorrow as saying how disgusted he is in the decision.


As much as defending Chris Scott isn’t my thing, he did say his opinion didn’t matter and would be ignored anyway, but he did go on to state it nonetheless after saying it was worthless.


Yeah but he said that knowing he had to because what he said before that was not on.


He actually sounded like he almost wasn’t going to state his opinion at all, and then said it anyway.

I reckon if he hadn’t have said anything after petulantly saying his opinion didn’t matter, he would have implied it so strongly it would have been almost the same as saying it, except, it is hard to make a headline out of "Chris Scott says: “My opinion doesn’t matter!”.

Would have sounded too much like the truth.


Never forget


Was that legit?


Of course he probably will but would one of our players for the same act?


Listening to the media trying to smooth this one over, instead of saying yeah looks about right silly thing to do move on, I for one am just thankful that they did not give Shiel a week for headbutting GAJ’s elbow.

Although there is still a very slight possibility of this happening at the tribunal.


I didn’t realise Ablett had dodged suspension for 328 games. That’s a neat trick. I’m still angry over him striking McVeigh in 2007 (and, as above, Mark was the one who got suspended).


Whately QC has put forward his case for Ablett getting off.

Says the hit was accidental . Apparently Ablett missed Shiels head with his left hand so he went the elbow instead as a reflex.

So, as we know, there is a clause at the tribunal, its called the GAJ clause, you can do whatever you like against the rules and get away with it at the tribunal, until you don’t get away with it at the tribunal.

In other words, guaranteed impunity for life.