MRO - 2019 Same-same, but different


Sauce? cos that’s farked.


If Gary is such a clean and honest footballer he wouldn’t take it to the tribunal.

His actions and collision is a text book example of what they are trying to remove from the game.


I reckon it’s a pretty soft week, TBH.

Yeah he elbowed him, and yeah it was head high, but it was a fraction of a second after a legit contest and barely any force.

EDIT: if that’s at the bottom of a pack… is there even 1% chance of a free kick?


Didn’t expect Ablett to get a week for that. Not enough force.


Let’s be honest. He only wants to challenge it to try to win the brownlow for himself.


Or preserve his 328 game clean record… which is kinda fair enough.


He jumped, stuck his elbow out and got him in the head.

I reckon the test should be how would you feel if you watched an under 12s game a kid emulated Gary and did the same thing? It would be pretty poor and he should get a week to show people that jumping and elbowing a player in the head after they’ve got rid of it is not on.


It’s only a suspension according to the (actually documented!) rules.

Not that they’ve applied said rule much previously. Usually they don’t care about intent.


I agree.

If one of our players got suspended for that, this place would be in meltdown


can you imagine the tin foil hat garbage that would flow? Would be all time, which is quite a thing for this joint.


I’m guessing you think Shiel milked that free then? Or ducked?

I have never heard Shiel being accused of being a stager before but there is always a first for everything.



Nobody here saying “it’s soft” or “if one of our players hurrdederrrr” has anything to say about the fact that Ablett took multiple steps, jumped off the ground, raised both arms (including an elbow), and collided with the head of his opponent?

It’s a suspension EVERY. DAY. OF. THE. WEEK.


Quite right.


Not if the force used is insufficient to constitute a reportable offence. Which is what will be argued.


I am positive you have read this and are just choosing to be ignorant.

For the purpose of these Guidelines all Players should note that the following
factors are considered when determining the classification of a Striking offence:
Intent: Notwithstanding any other part of these Guidelines, the fact that an act
of striking occurred behind the play or off the ball or during a break in play or with
a raised forearm or elbow is usually conclusive that the strike was intentional.

Impact: Notwithstanding any other part of these guidelines, any Careless or
Intentional strike which is of an inherently dangerous kind and/or where there is a
potential to cause serious injury (such as a strike with a raised elbow or forearm)
will usually not be classified as Low Impact even though the extent of the actual
physical impact may be low . Such strikes will usually be classified at a higher level
commensurate with the nature and extent of the risk of serious injury involved.


I can genuinely say that if Shiel did the below to Ablett I’d fully expect a suspension:


Absolutely. Strike, we had a player suspended for the perfect hip and shoulder!! A forearm to the head/neck would be weeks for sure plus extra for the Essendon loading!


Merrett got a week for a stomach punch.

I think this warrants a week.


I will LIKE this every time it is posted. It’s so sensible and contrary to usual MRO/Tribunal practice.

The argument will be that contact was under the force required to be assessed at all. So he won’t even be fined.


Yep, its about as black and white as the MRO get.