MRP - 2019 Same-same, but different


Couldn’t see a 2019 thread so I thought I would kick it off with the first ridiculous decision of the year.

How this Cunnington decision is any different to the one that Merrett copped a week for in 2017 I don’t know.

The difference is Cunnington is 50 mtrs off the ball.

Micheal Christians explanation for the Cunnington incident is humorous at best.


“We Fight For Fair” – bwahahaha!


I will tell you what will happen. After a few rounds into the season, players will be getting away with gut punches. There will be outrage in the media about effect on kids etc. No doubt, they will then make an example of an Essendon player with a suspension.



Its very predictable to some of us.


I want $100 on Trent ‘Teflon’ Cotchin, please, Ana.


The difference is a Carlton “Special” medical report.


Yep, those carnts stitched us up and we just let them get away with it.

I’m still furious that we let them beat us so easily in the JLT or any other match for that matter.

Those ■■■■■■ hate us with a passion and would do anything to see us fail and we just let them.

I personally think we have dropped the ball on this rivalry and that’s contributing to our total lack of pride in performance.

We just don’t take any of our rivalry’s serious anymore.


So all clear from our game then?


Yep, driving Merrett into the ground head first with his arms pinned was given the green light.


Martin got 2 weeks, then succesfully challenged it down to 1 ffs!

Reckon for sure he deserved at least 7. :smirk:


1 week is about right but wouldn’t have been upset if it stayed at 2


I thought any deliberate contact to the head was automatically considered medium, as opposed to low


You missed the clause that says unless you are a high profile player.


That plays for a ‘beloved-by-the-establishment’ team.


Do we really need any further evidence that this game is getting soft…




I’m glad that wasn’t an Essendon player because that would have been a week.


what the?


It’s a travesty.


That’s mind blowing.

Can’t imagine any situation where they’d even pay that a free against Collingwood or WCE or Hawthorn.