MRP - 2019 Same-same, but different


Burn in hell slaphead.


And again one rule for Ablett and one rule for everyone else.


Hope they increase the penalty for that blatant lie. Surprised he’s taking this approach.




I take it he got off,… as expected then?


Cleared - are you surprised?


Lied for 29 minutes on the stand! One thing to argue the level of contact but the intent was very clear.

Was he sworn in on a Bible first?


he really is a little twat isn’t he. He wanted to minimise contact so he jumped into him and stuck his forearm/elbow out.

And Whately is an even bigger twat for trying to get him off


I hear the umpire apologised and gave him extra Brownlow votes for hitting a player from that team who hates umpires.


■■■■■■■ pig.


Did Gil come up with that defence or GAJ?

So transparent.


Let’s hope he doesn’t get any Brownlow votes from the match - given he was reported on field.


meh couldn’t care less


Can Gil and his AwFL mates make this game any more corrupt?


Haha it gets better the usual $2000 fine attached to the reclassification is waived because of his perfect record.


the scary part is, this is kindergarten stuff for them



Hope we practice this new tackling technique at training. Don’t want to be left behind.


Should’ve been a free and/or downfield.

Shouldn’t be a suspension.


GAJ should have got a free?