MRP - 2019 Same-same, but different


You can see why the AFL pinged that on Hogan as the head was hit - but given how it happened and how the St Kilda player responded, then no. Not for a genuine contest at the ball.

Plus the wording of “rough conduct” is inappropriate. He wasn’t playing rough. If they want to call these (and hey call them all if that’s the case), then you ned to make it something like “inappropriate head contact”.


I thought it was a 50-50 ball between players of similar size where contact was inevitable. One player leant in and braced for contact the other, in the last second, dipped his head and leant in. I don’t believe Hogan initiated the high contact.


2 weeks to setterfield for a tackle
1 week to some norf player for a spoil

Both actions are part of the game, just clumsy, but throw the book at them anyway

But punish danger for a hit off the ball… hahaha as if


Yep Dangerfield was protected, should have been a week or more for a double hit.


I’ve looked at the footage a couple of times and aren’t convinced the second hit connected.


He hit, it was just deemed as insufficient force.

Was his hit better or worse than Dusty’s that he was suspended for?


Thought the first one definitely did but wasn’t convinced on the second one. He is pretty lucky regardless
Dusty’s was worse IMO


I don’t see why Dangerfield would get suspended for that.

Nothing in it at all.

Correct decision in my opinion.

The setterfield tackle should have been cleared also.


He slung a player head first into the turf, of course he should be suspended for that, he badly injured a player. Concussion is not a thing to take lightly.


Head is sacrosanct but Myers’ face isn’t? AwFL fails logic again.


Happened to Merrett a couple of weeks ago.

Isn’t it just a football action?


A sling tackle is not a football action, tackling someone doesn’t involve picking them up and burying them head first in the turf (these days, not the 1970’s).


I doubt his intention is to bury his head in the ground though.

His intention was to tackle to hurt but the head part was an accident.

Merrett has his arms pinned and buried into the ground head first a couple of weeks ago and I don’t even think it was cited.

I think they just make it up as they go.


Except that’s not what happened. He didn’t lift him and spear him head first.

I thought it was worth a week as a sling tackle but no more.


I don’t recall anyone doing that in the '70s. If you think they did, name names.


It was more a joke at Aceman, not intended to be taken seriously.


I had no issue with the setterfield tackle. The GC player was going down anyway, setterfield was just tackling the guy. But it happened to a scum play so in the end who cares


Except if their name is Carazzo and plays for Fark Carlton :grinning:


Think setterfield is unlucky there. Wasn’t two actions. The Hipwood tackle was much uglier.

MRP is punishing outcome rather than action which is flawed logic.


Reckon Ambrose is a bit lucky to get off here. Maybe the AFL didn’t fine him because then they may have had to explain why Redman’s tackle was dangerous but that long streak of pelican ■■■■’s wasn’t?