MRP - 2019 Same-same, but different


Hipwood having the ball saved Ambrose from being looked at for it I reckon. It’s a clumsy tackling attempt, nothing more


That would have been the crux of any defence if it was needed, … but it was completely clear what he intended.


Yes it was, god love him


Struggling to work out how people are defending Setterfield.


He didn’t sling him to my eye


He brought him down, it’s just that the arms were pinned. Unfortunate for both.


Yep - 1 motion, didn’t lift him, simply took him to ground as Setterfield went to ground, he didn’t even drive his head down with the tackle. Perfect tackle for mine especially since the umpires have not been paying holding the ball or let players hold onto it for an eternity before calling for a ball up hoping they eventually get it out. Hipwood’s was way worse but luckily Mcgrath didn’t land on his head. Also look at what Hodge did to Hep in the 1st qtr, clear 2 actions & drove his head into the turf, a weaker player would have stayed down. We shouldn’t simply see a concussion & try to find somebody to blame - intent & the action itself should be whats important. I can’t see whats technically wrong with Setterfields tackle.


Hipwood too weak and dumped McGrath onto himself!
Ambrose layed into him anyway! Great stuff!


AFL has taken mercy on Setterfield, they’ve given him a 2 match reprieve from playing for FCFC