MRP 2020...Sling problems

So it looks like the 2020 version is just as poor as previous years.

Shaun Burgoyne cops a $1000 fine for his sling tackle on Dangerfield

" Shaun Burgoyne, Hawthorn, has been charged with engaging in Rough Conduct (Dangerous Tackle) against Patrick Dangerfield, Geelong Cats, during the third quarter of the Round Two match between the Geelong Cats and Hawthorn, played at GMHBA Stadium on Friday June 12.

In summary he can accept a $1000 sanction with an early plea.

Based on the available evidence, the incident was assessed as Careless Conduct, Low Impact and High Contact. The incident was classified as a $1500 sanction as a first offence. The player can accept a $1000 sanction with an early plea."

PS: I looked for a 2020 MRP Thread and couldn’t find one…merge if one already exists


if that was fletcher he’d get 4 weeks

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I said at the time it would only be a fine. You are only suspended if the player is injured now.

Or if you’re a lesser known player probably.



Of more interest did Wingard get any sanction for a foot to the face? Or is that only a thing when Green does it?

I think "Elitist"might have been mar appropriate :wink:

No mention of it in the MRP Summary

Yep, agree.

I think that Burgoyne tackle should have been a week. No question


It was worth a free but it was very minor.
Definitely not worth the MRP looking at it


so you can do what you like now, as long as the opposition player doesn’t get hurt?

The official Tribunal answer to that is “we don’t allow precedent arguments”.

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Isn’t that how it’s been for a while now? By the books tackle that results in concussion? Two weeks. Sling tackle and the bloke stands straight back up? Fine.

the dempsey incident was 5 years ago, and a slightly different mrp set up.
but he got 4 weeks and deledio played the next week.

If a new to the game player, or a somewhat hack had of done that tackle, esp on danger, they’d have been suspended.
If the afl wasn’t solely focused on optics, esp considering the current world climate, burgoyne would have been suspended.

i imagine as per usual, in a few weeks some random player will get suspended for exactly the same thing, with exactly the same outcome.


I keep comparing it to the one Danger got rubbed out for when he was Brownlow favourite. Exactly the same. Props to Danger for not turning it on though. If he stayed down for 3 more seconds it would have looked a lot worse.

Apparently McGovern also punched someone as well as the push to the fence. He might be missing for a couple of weeks…or he will be fined because, you know.

Hes got form now - he’s done it twice. AFL needs to set a precedent here but I know thay they’re too gutless with their darlings from West Coke.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Redman - I’m expecting a fine for the wwe style elbow drop.

JEREMY McGovern’s dirty night in West Coast’s shock defeat to Gold Coast on Saturday has been compounded, with the All Australian defender receiving a one-match ban for striking Alex Sexton during their spiteful bout.

McGovern will subsequently miss next week’s crucial clash with Brisbane at the Gabba, while he will also be made to pay a $1000 fine for pushing Sexton into the fence in another frustrated moment.

LOL a fine for shoving a guy into a fence, hard. 1 match for a full on punch to the face with a clenched fist. A wonderful easy life over in the west.