MRP 2023

Match Review makes call on Cotchin, De Goey incidents -

Degoey and Cotchin both fined

Cotchin: drops a forearm into a players face

Tribunal: yeah, nah, all good with a contribution to our end of season trip


Trent asterisk Cotchin.

Swear he has compromising photos of the head honchos at AFL house.


Cotchin could stab someone and still not get suspended.

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Well, he is a Brownlow recipient.

And I’m sure he qualifies for “Good Bloke” status

Much like Hodge; Good Bloke™ a synonym for “Dirty Sniper.”


I played golf with Hodge a few weeks ago. I hate to say it but he did seem like a good bloke :joy:

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Did he cook you some Lassrgne afterwards?

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