Mud Sticks!

All over the news and on sites about a former player suing the AFL and EFC.

For me the sad part of this saga will be that anyone associated with EFC during this period has had their name blackened, and mud sticks.

It happens in all walks of life, but sportsmen in particular can have all sorts of allegations made. Will we remember Andrew Lovett for his great football ability or for his court appearance. Same with others like Fevola, who was a brilliant player and reamed the Bombers more than once, but most think of his ■■■■■■■■ antics before anything else. My Dad always said John Nicolls was a crook although he should be remembered as the best ruckman of his time.

So will some may get unhappy about the Club again in Court, but think about Players and their Families and the grief caused by unproven allegations and downright journalist lies.

I was sitting at the bar one day, having a beer after work, when I noticed a man a few stools down drowning his sorrows in a large glass of Scotch. Being the helpful and social guy that I am I said, “Hey buddy, you seem a little down.” “Just reminiscing about my lost career” he said back. “That sounds bad! What happened?” I inquired, thinking he could use some sympathy.

“Well, you know the cathedral down on 5th? I built that. But do they call me Roger the Cathedral Builder? Noooo”
“And do you know the bridge spanning the ravine just outside of town? I built that too and do they call me Roger the Bridge Builder? Noooppe.”
“The stadium downtown, I gave 3 years of my life to that one! You think they call me Roger the Stadium Builder? Not even close!”

“But ya screw one goat…”