Music You've Been Listening To


The best band you've never heard of (probably)...


How good is this



Another minor struggling artist / Dylan contemporary. l found this title track when the album first came out. This is the best track, by far, an epic.


Not bad that one CJ. I'm hearing Steve Earl meets Dire Straights in it ...


Black Sabbath - Paranoia
Probably older than me, but it still stacks up. I reckon I mentioned this before, but I can imagine some kids parents losing their ■■■■ hearing this sort of stuff back in small town USA


I'd love to here all their early albums remastered by someone with proper skill & respect.
Like Albini or Launay.

Hmmmm, ... Maybe it's already happened?

Here's a question ... (assuming it hasn't) ... IF someone was to do it, .. Who do you think would be the choice?


Just had a look... remastered in the 90s by Ray Staff, and more recently by Andy Pearce.

Out of interest, has Albini ever remastered stuff or just engineered first time round?


It's a great question, and I gues I don't understand enough about their specific capacity to influence the final product. The names that jump out from albums memorable albums I have are Vig, Albini and Rubin.

If they were all to do the same track would be cool to compare.


Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes


Is there anyone who became a parent in the past ten years who has listened to the Rockabye Baby cds? My wife just gave birth again and I gave some a dust off and play while I was working in the study with my son sleeping in the room yesterday. Fantastic way to still hear your fave tunes whilst soothing a baby. Pixies, Cure, Smiths, Beatles songs sound really cool in ambient lullaby mode.


Got similar thing but more new stuff than old...


An excellent rock song, from a little known band. Earl Slick once played with Bowie, 25 + years or so ago.

l first heard this in the Safari bar in Patpong, when l lived in Bangkok. l would request this song anytime l went in there. Why am l disclosing this information? Because l am a man without shame. Rock on.


Great little song, but a dumb video clip. Plant carved out a decent solo career after Zed Leppelin crashed. Most people stopped listening to him after Big Log, but for me, Now & Zen is his best solo effort. This is the opening track, but l think Ship of Fools is the best number.


After watching Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix I'm now trawling through some NWA and Public Enemy. Never really ventured too far past beastie boys, so it's been great to get a different perspective.

This still holds up well



Im just in THAT kind of mood


Listening to the new album Why Love Now by Pennsylvania rockers Pissed Jeans. Not much of a departure from their earlier stuff, which is good because what they do they do well.

If you like your hardcore punk/noise rock and you haven't checked em out yet you probably should.


OK so I love Father John Misty. His first album was very good, his second was great and I'm beyond hyped for his new one which is out in a month.

Yesterday they e-mailed me a stream because I pre-ordered. It's fucking awesome. Could be one of my favourite ever albums after one listen. You need to be able to stomach his jaded cynical anti-establishment thing he has going since his last album (it's been turned up to 11 here). If you can, it's a 75 minute riot followed by a closing track which is just awesome and is as topical/timely as you can get in the Trump/Social Media/Cultural wasteland we live in in 2017.

He's released 4 singles. The opening/title track and another are great. I like the videos too (Ping @wimmera1 )


Aussie band Voyager new song..