Music You've Been Listening To


Been listening to a band out of Southhampton called ‘Creeper’ if your into 90’s punk you might like them. A cross between ignite and alkaline trio, with a couple of slower songs. I’m not a fan of keyboards in bands, but if you can look past that then give it a listen.


FOTL proved they can work in a punk band.


Rockin blues SRVesque tunage

Dig this one, never heard of him before, and a couple of the other tracks were equally good


I rate it, holds up to their 90’s stuff.


Latest Smith Street Band album is a ripper


My bubby’s new EP, BUY NOW, she’s on drums and vocals. Very catchy little cool songs including one in German



nothing changes outro!


20 years since he passed away (today being the Anniversary).
Tragic loss of an extreme talent.

Disappointed I never got to see him LIVE…


Just for those that it might interest, … “Clouds” are programming RAGE tonight.


I’m super excited about this!. My little girl is in the support band Display homes.(drums an vocals) they have only played a few gigs so far


Excellent. Tell her “Break a Leg” from us all Tezza.

And maybe a stick or two and a snare skin as well …


I’ve been listening to the classics, spice girls and some back street boys!




one of my favourite songs - My Pal by GOD, covered by a SKA band. Big horns and everything, worth a listen.


new song by one of fav bands…


previously unreleased track from the album OK Computer