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Keep your hoes in check
I got this girl and she wants me to duke her
I told her I’d come scoop her around eight, she said, "SUPER!"
That sounds great, shorty girl’s a trooper
No matter what I need her to do, she be like, “SUPER!
Own his own throne, the boss like King Koopa
On the microphone he flossed the ring, “SUPER!
Average emcees is like a TV blooper
MF Doom, he’s like D.B. Cooper…"

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The French did punk badly, in fact they just didn’t really do it the way the Anglophones did. If you like Joy Division type stuff, you may like this, early 80’s French Coldwave, which I guess was the Franco interpretation of Post Punk. Kinda suits the frikken grim, frosty weather outside right now.


I came across this one the other day, it’s getting some good reviews:

I’ve never heard them before, but it sounds pretty alright. Psychedelic rock/Stoner metal


Just got my copy in the mail. Get stuck into their back catalogue,absolute ripping band. Even better live.


Any preference out of their previous? Or just a case of start from the beginning?


Yeah go from the debut S/T. They were only teens when they made it. Their growth and progression from each LP is really impressive. This is the first effort not as a three piece which makes their earlier work even more amazing. If you get into this sub gen then these guys are up there.


All the Clouds video clips have since been uploaded to YouTube by user Antipodes. First time to see some of those in ages.


Trisomie 21 had some cool stuff too. Worth checking out if you haven’t previously.


Cheers. I found a pretty good quality one on youtube, I’ll give it a listen:


Just ordered OKNOTOK vinyl cant wait.



Ah cheers, very good or as they would say, “exceptionnel”.


Started listening to Hollywood Undead a couple of weeks ago.
Enough changes from 3 Days Grace style rock to Eminem tongue in cheek rap to keep me interested



Never felt so out of touch with some of the rock songs of the 90’s… Listened to Triple M and thought this song was a new one… How very wrong I was when I looked it up…



This is a ZZ Top cover from the above album


Well, if we’re doing Albums,… the SYHHIY thread led me to burn this one to a CD and has been on endless loop in the car for a while now.

Whilst there’s a couple of tracks I might consider filler, it strikes as good a chord with me now as it did then, … and I had thought there were a few here who would like the full LP if they heard it, … particularly @wimmera1 came to mind.


Aren’t we supposed to do albums here?

I thought it was just about whatever music you happened to be listening to. I’m currently listening to the album I posted a few posts back…it’s a ripper

If you liked Mark Lanegan / Screaming Trees, you’ll like Zodiac