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I know some of Somic Youth stuff is probably hard to get your head around, and perhaps some of it is hard to listen to, but as far as I’m concerned this is a monster track.

Purr from the album Dirty, which has some images on the inside packaging that raises a few questions.


Hard to find this one in physical form. sick song






here’s daughters debut single release and spotify link


I’m pretty sure Gimme The Car was on the original release, but Ugly definitely wasn’t.
It took some insane amount of time for that album to reach platinum.
It’s like it sold 50,000 per year every year for twenty years.

One of the great albums. Seriously.


If there are any fans of electro beats in here, I recently added this song to my collection…the change at 2mins is what seals it for me:


Short Memory really, really does segue most excellently into Best Of Both Worlds.


There’s some real potential here! Nice early 80’s UK post-punk sound (XTC, Gang of Four, early U2, Comsat Angels, Joy Division etc.) with the vocals recalling the likes of Lene Lovich, Hazel O’Connor, The Waitresses etc.

It’s raw, and it’s early days obviously. Look forward to hearing some more…


More new Trivium.
This song is more in line with Silence In The Snow and has an anthemic rocky vibe


Yeah They have only been playing for about 6 months together. They get good reactions at their gigs


Steven Wilson’s new album To The Bone is superb. Close to my album of the year to date


Was skeptical of the vocal sample at first but you’re right, that change kicks in and brings it together. Nice track.

This is more the Electro I was thinking of. :wink:

Kraftwerk made funky with a Roland 808, Vocoder that cuts like a knife, synthetic claps and scratch. I’ll indulge.


Good potential, I like it. Very surprised to learn they are a Sydney band, that place was a Ghost Town for decent music 25 years ago.

Tell your daughter they are the best thing I’ve heard out of Sydney in 25 years.


Cool, thanks. I think at the moment there’s quite a few emerging there. Inner west of Sydney is where it’s at. Since the lock out laws the center of Sydney has shifted out to Newtown and the like. It’s a pretty cool area


What happened 45 years ago on August 24th.?
Just a bit of a tip. It was in the northern hemisphere and it was summer.


You went to see a rubbish Grateful Dead gig?


Lecherous Gaze, summed up best from their website…" #1 Rockin’ band in the entire World… Like the prow of a mighty ship cutting through a sea of turd, Lecherous Gaze carry on the legacy of bands like the MC5 and Black Flag to bring dangerously heavy rock back to the masses"

spewing, they just toured…