Music You've Been Listening To


It’s suppose to be launching on Monday but it seems to be breaking street date everywhere

Put my hat back in the ring


Jerry Garcia, guitar & vocal; Melvin Seals, organ; John Kahn, bass; David Kemper, drums; Gloia Jones & Jackie LaBranch, vocals.



I’d expect a lot of people that write reggae to be high when they’re doing it, but this takes it to a whole new level


I’m listening to the Cure’s Disintegration on a set of Yamaha NS10 monitors that I’m selling. Making sure they’re OK before posting them. Far out, the detail on this record is unreal through these studio monitors. Straight from Rotel amp with silver wiring, no stupid gimmicks just pure amp straight to turntable then monster cable to the speakers.


Good sales pitch😄


How much ham?? Are they M’s (studio’s)?

PM if u want.


Just did a deal with a bloke for $650 posted which I’m happy with although he hasn’t paid me yet. Yeah they are M’s in real good nick, on ebay at the moment.



Was visiting my interstate 78yo mum, spied a 3 cd Skyhooks set. Turns out that while I was 7, scraping up cash to buy Ego, LITS (had to go halves with my older brother), and glued to Countdown, she was sneaking off to see them play live. Not a word about it for 40 years. Mum was never a rock fan, or so I thought. CDs were tucked away in back corner, unopened, so I snaffled em. Currently up to Fark Carlton. Great tunes.


LOL, the “Fark Carlton” Limbo


New song from my band The Patient


Andy, (FZ again)



I dropped another track off the record. This one is free to listen on soundcloud

Will be up on Monday on all the streaming services


So, … we’re having a bit of a pre Straya day BBQ/drink, … and someone flicks on the Countdown Concert from last NYE, … (didn’t know about it???), … and Phil Jamieson just tore through an amazing version of Evie Pats 1 2 & 3, … then did the same to “Let There Be Rock”

Bluddy good job there Phil, … respect. :metal:


I’ll be smashing out the Aussie toons as soon as I get home from nightshift.
Bbq lunch, then bed.


crowd: Dooooooooon’t tell me it’s truuuuueee
I don’t wanna hear about it…


This guy is funny :slight_smile:


Hottest hundred.
It’s going okay.

But I confess to not getting hip-hop where the vocalist sounds like he’s just come back from the dentist, both in energy and diction.