Music You've Been Listening To


Was never into Kyuss at the time, but that’s a great tune, really like that one.

Any other stuff that’s similar?

I do have a soft spot for a loooong instrumental stoner/fuzzy rock tune.


If you like a bit of stoner rock, check out these youtube pages


Try bands like Weedpecker, Graviators, Zodiac, Zed, Sasquatch and Mothership…most of them can be found on the above youtube sites




Perfect, just jumped into some Greek Doom. Love it.

This is why Blitz is so good. Enough people online to get responses, not so many people online that you travel through the threads.


Some cold and grimy reflections of the ugly American, it’s what Roc Marciano does just so well. Abstract lyrical morsels here and there become quite vivid with the odd metaphor. Muggs and Marci, a strong collaboration.



Mate this is some pretty cool stuff you might get into


Been getting into Spaceslug the last year or so. Solid stuff



I like that Truckfighters album. Goes down well in the office when nobody else is around.




Got yourself 20 minutes, drop the needle on this one…


I have great admiration for both of these artists and I enjoyed this immensely. But I do concede I’m in the minority.




This one is magic


Has this been posted here today?

Cos its brilliant.