Music You've Been Listening To


Touch of FNM?
I dunno what it is, but I dig this.





Joey is the king, the Pharaoh, the big whatever of the hammond organ. I hated this song when Wayne Newton, my mum’s fav, sang it, but I love Joey’s version.

And one more because he’s so good.



Now if Joey’s the king, Barb is the queen of the hammond. Who needs a bass player when you’ve got Barb’s left foot. Incredible.


Just spent the last hour or so looking for a female version of Folsom Prison Blues. Why? Well I wanted to hear a woman sing “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die” which is a bit weird I suppose but it’s a long night. Anyway found a few versions but most stuck to the Cash original, which is great but hey it’s been done. This didn’t, probably because they’re too young to know any better. Caught my fancy though.



I never knew that. I enjoyed it though and the singer’s been to the Billy Holiday note stretching school.


Cash definitely added a little something to it, and I don’t want to take that away from him.

What’s the saying?
Wilde maybe?
The good ones borrow.
The great ones steal.







Best track you have shared - clicked on the link thinking it would be something else but nope it was the track I know. One of the handful of instrumental tracks I enjoy.


Great songs, GTF74. Belfast remains my fav, though.


Devo with Neil Young Hey Hey My My a 9.53 version on the web or F/book


I think all my exposure to the Radiohead has come via Mehldau. Here he adds a hint of Bach to the mix.