Music You've Been Listening To


The bete noire of bassists but what a left foot (must have a separate brain)


Deep Purple in rock, great album, but I do love this particular track.


Fusion from the early 70s isn’t normally my thing but I’ll make exception here because the band is from musical Valhalla.
Freddie Hubbard trumpet, Ron Carter pulse, Billy Cobham drums, George Benson just before he sold out(sounding so much like the great Wes Montgomery), and the real fish out of water, Keith Jarrett before he pulled out the plug and went totally acoustic.


I love Child in Time, but also think it’s the most Spinal Tap song ever written, if you understand where I’m coming from


Absolutely, some of that periods bands and music is very self indulgent.












If you’re going all Cuban on me it’s time for Chucho. Crap audio but Chucho busts through anyway.

PS Spent one magical week in Havana, the food was crap, the music was sublime, everywhere. Who needs food when you have music.




Really loving this band at the moment


Love me some BMTH