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I dunno about this, but as she’s from “Fitzroy Melbourne, Fitzroy Melbourne” I gotta give her the benefit of the doubt.


This should come as no surprise to the attentive, … but, by deity of your choice, these 2 albums changed my life.

I urge the modern punk fans such as @tinhillterror, et al,. . to get off head and listen to them both.

Fuckedup shitwreck?, … well maybe, … but all the same, …complete transformative genius was Iggy.


Thanks for the link.

On first pass, sober, it’s a bit hard to get my head around, but will give it another go on the stereo.

He’s had quite the career







This is red alert level awful… their transformation into Maroon farking 5 is complete…

Honestly, what the fark happened to them? After their first two excellent records they were close to my favourite new act. Then they disappeared for a few years, before releasing a couple of decent albums. From that point on, it’s been extremely spotty, and faintly embarrassing in parts.
They finally put out a pair of half-decent albums a couple of years ago, but since then shat the bed with last year’s horrid Pacific Daydream. This atrocious track, along with another wretched thing they’ve vomited up recently, suggest the downward trajectory has gone firmly into freefall.
Utterly putrid stuff…


She has a completely American accent now.


I’ve been in an instrumental mood. A couple of bands that didn’t go down well in DJ King: