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Rock ‘n’ roll legend and feminist pioneer Joan Jett is taking over Rage with a little help from her Blackheart Records co-founder, Kenny Laguna.

Currently playing Slade Mama weer all crazee now


Always loved the Jarrett trio’s grooved version of the Billy Holiday standard from their first Standards album. This is a bit later, 86, and different but the same, of course. They take the tune for a stroll.

Lots of vintage Jarrett suddenly surfacing on the net. He hasn’t played live in over a year due to unspecified health issues. Hope there’s no connection.



Oh lordy Dave A!



“I’m on my way…”


If I ever go back to New York I think I’ll skip all the tourist traps and camp on the “sidewalk” outside The Stone for a week (that’s if it has a “sidewalk”).



Where is the Stone in NY? I’m there in September


Brooklyn, I think. Manhattan rents are too steep for adventurous artists now.


Cool, will check it out. Thanks



New Whitechapel is killer. Loving this track and clip



This in no way shape or form was fitting for a Top of the Pops crowd.



A few weeks back, Henry Rollins gave a shout out to female-led Aussie punk bands on a panel for a new doco called “Punk”. He name-dropped BB And The Blips, Cable Ties, and High Tension. Here’s a Blips track:

Here’s a 25-min video of the panel, infamous for Johnny Rotten and Marky Ramone getting stuck into each other (around 15:30). Duff McKagan’s parts are good, and Rollins’ shout out comes around the 22:30 mark: