Music You've Been Listening To





This just came on on my ipod…still one of the best live performances put on tape (imho)


Used to be a big fan of Rainbow.



Martha, my dear, you appear to be singing along with Bach.


This is sort of IDM Electronica style.

Anyway…in the space of a month I heard two catchy songs that turned out to be by “Bluetech”…these songs are from 2005-2007, but I must confess I don’t recall listening to this artist before.

If anyone knows another great Blutech song, please recommend it for me, because I am too lazy to listen through his back catalogue.

These are the songs I heard:

(This second upload has a couple of skips in it, but it’s the only copy on YouTube)


Really enjoyed that, thanks :slight_smile:


This is well worth the watch if you’ve ever liked The Cure

Music kicks in at about the 17 minute mark. Picture quality is great as is the sound.


Great album, man.





Mary Ford and Les Paul. So much talent in one union.


A bit of a grower this one…




Looking fwd to the new Album on the strength of that.


I’m clearly in the minority but I think their post-original split stuff has been pretty decent. Not quite at the same level as the first incarnation. It’s missing that slightly demented edge they had, but can you really expect that from a bunch of married, settled-down 50-plus year olds?

The three EPs which became Indie Cindy were certainly the law of diminishing returns (first one great, second one middling, third one fairly pedestrian), but had half-a-dozen good tracks. Head Carrier is actually a really good listen.

They’ve been a victim of how extraordinary they were first time around. If these later records had come from a new act, the media would’ve been all over them like white on rice…