Music You've Been Listening To


Isn’t ‘Feel the Pain’ just the most extraordinary song?
Garage, but melodic.
Heartfelt as it gets lyrically (and vocally) but that damn pop hook…


One of John Cale’s best. Slow, slide guitar that is simple yet gorgeous. Nuff said.


More Cale, this time a bit grittier, an ultra cool cover of an old Jimmy Reed blues.




Getting to the pointy end of ABC Classic FM’s top 100 and I’m trying to stay clam but honestly ■■■■■■■ Vivaldi at 6! What’s the old line, he wrote one great piece…400 times.
Still trying to come to terms with Gershwin at 27, I assume for ■■■■■■ Rhapsody in Blue, out polling Wagner, Copland and Prokofiev.


Handel cracks the top 5, fair call. The Germans will dominate now.


Tchaikovsky at 4. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart left, so brain food, soul food or fish food left with only the order to be decided…

Fish food third. Thank Christ he didn’t make the top two but I wouldn’t have had him in the top hundred.
Go Bach, you good thing.

Bach second which means old misery guts gets the gong.
Emotion over reason, goes with the times I suppose.



Offcuts of bands at their peak…
Could you imagine…could. you. imagine…getting to this point of production and then going, nah.
Nah, drop it.




Amyl and the Sniffers new album!

We may have found a new Aussie Punk/Rock Goddess



Shes a bit shrill and squeaky. Piercing really.

Maybe not.



Mermaid Avenue - Billy Bragg & Wilco. Up to 3 volumes of Woody Guthrie verses set to music in this collaboration, that generally works well. The stand out tracks for me are California Stars & Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key. I haven’t heard Volume 3, but would be interested to hear opinions if any Blitzers have.


A minor gem. Rolling Stone compared this album to the Pete Townsend, Ronnie Lane collaboration “Rough Mix”, but they are nothing alike, apart from being collaborations.



Her voice is real aussie as. Sort of like Courtney Barnett, Unmistakably strong Australian accent comes through in the lyric even if they are not talking about Australian things . It’s good.