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Been waiting a few years for these Sydney Ladies sophomore effort, and it dropped last Month, (Sans one original member)

Still assessing, but the later tracks seem better than the 3 more Radio friendly openers for mine atp.

Little May - Blame My Body.
(Full Album P/List )

Love Roy.

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Jarrett’s ‘latest’ release is live, classical and thirty years old (and there’s still no news on his health as the performance hiatus stretches on and on). He has stated improvising lengthy solo concerts was a cakewalk compared to the stress and expectation which accompanied classical performances, where critics’ daggers are brandished from the get go. He admits the classical practice sharpened his technique, which can clearly be heard in his playing at the time, but also claims it triggered the chronic fatigue syndrome which parked his output for years.
Curiously the full album is only available to ‘premium’ YouTubers, as appears to be the case for all of Jarrett’s ouvre, not sure if this is the same for all ECM releases but it may be the ECM free ride is over. Having said that the entire album is on Open Spotify for free, although at inferior audio for those of you with more sensitive ears than I possess.
Bach and Jarrett is a nice combo.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha, … ohhh dear. :joy:

Are those blokes fair dinkum?? :thinking:

It’s what some of the kids are listening to

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Glenn Gould demonstrating why Bach is so good. His posture was the result of an early fall from a boat ramp. A number of pianists seem to have adopted a similar low slung posture, eg Brad Mehldau, which apparently allows the pianist to pull down on the keys rather than strike them from above, producing a different sound and greater control. I doubt it’s recommended by orthopedic surgeons.
The great Michel Petrucciani had the low posture too, although in his case it was necessitated by his height.

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Ahhhhh, … Bach! :wave:

Went and saw Canned Heat at the Corner in May…

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Thought about it , mate couldn’t go , tickets were exy and didn’t recognise 1/2 the band.
Any good?

This came on tonight whilst sanding and filling gaps,

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Yeah was great. The two main names died decades ago (Wilson/Hite).

But the band rolls on. The drummer was the
Connection back to the 60s. They played all the standard songs with lots of energy.

Plus I got a freebie entry through a mate.

l saw them at the Myponga (Yarrawonga) music festival around 1972, with Stephen Stills with Manassas as the headline act. Stills came out white as a sheet, smacked out was the rumour, the band led by ex-Byrd Chris Hillman were smoking hot. Canned Heat were also excellent with Hite and Henry Vestine in fine form. Gerry Humphries was the compere/host and he also was mighty good.

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