Music You've Been Listening To

I can’t go past Torn.

Respect to Kylie, and cover it may be, but that’s just perfect pop for mine.

1989 - Bedroom Eyes
1988 - I Should Be So Lucky
1987 - Locomotion
1986 - Stimulation
1985 - Live It Up
1984 - It’s Just Not Cricket (long gap to Original Sin)
1983 - Australiana (long gap to…ummmm…Bop Girl)
1982 - What About Me
1981 - Counting The Beat (I’m counting them, but otherwise) Who Can It Be Now
1980 - I Got You (I’m counting them, but otherwise) Space Invaders.

Suddenly considerably less smug.

People are stupid.

That tune is from his debut album in 1973, ‘The Human Menagerie’ which I would recommend highly and is an all-time fave of mine.

This wigged out epic is also on it. Not many artists can boast a 50-piece symphony orchestra accompanying them on their first album!

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what an absolute cracker

Oh Jesus… what awful flashbacks…
That farking awful whiny, whiny voice… Honestly, if she was singing to you, you would run for the hills, wouldn’t you? Be honest…

Australian music got real bad there in the mid-late 80’s, didn’t it? Poor old Mentals… they were a decent, quirky, slight left of centre pop band for a while there, and then this… Predictably it sold a squillion…


My music listening in recent years has centered around getting to know albums that I thought I knew well but actually didn’t. I realised my love of certain bands had more to do with the familiar singles and that maybe I hadn’t taken the album off the shelf in years or just had it on in the background without listening to it.

This includes brilliant bands like REM, The Smiths, even The Beatles. Right now I’m going through a big Cure listen, and it’s been a blast discovering tunes I never really picked up on before on their superb run of 80s albums. Yes, even the maligned The Top:


30 years old this week I think

Time to rock it out to a gym session


Indulge me. This may not be many people’s cup of tea and maybe not truly a ‘song’ but brilliant nonetheless…

YOUTH GROUP: Forever Young

Alphaville Forever Young 2017 mSOLO Remix

Alphaville - Forever Young (Orician Bootleg)

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I prefer this one…

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Also great

Interesting thing for me is that Arnalds work always makes me picture windswept , gloomy islands and moody views even before I’d learnt he was Icelandic. But then, I’ve always found string instruments the most soulful and evocative of all, so perhaps that’s just my preconceived visuals.

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The phone effect sounds really good, cool setup.

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yeah I love this .

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possibly best most creative music video ever made