Music You've Been Listening To

Myer Music Bowl?

Yep…free Roctober concert way back in 1978

I’ve just heard this song and it has drawn up emotions in me that a song hasn’t done for me in a long time.

I have not been affected by addiction in my life but this song sounds so powerful for those who have.

New stuff…Stoner/Psych/Heavy…and good

@Doggatron @AnnStBomber

After such a dismal year for you (music wise) last year, have a listen to this 2024 release @BAAKKEERRRR


Not entirely my cuppa tea. It was OK, but there two things in particular that dragged it down for me:

  1. The vocals - he has a sorta Vince Neil sound to his voice which I don’t like.
  2. The kick drum sounds ■■■■■■■ horrible. Did the And Justice For All producer have a hand in the mix of this album? For the overall sound that they’re shooting for, it was kinda strange to have such a weedy, thin-sounding kick. I’m not sure the preponderance of double-kicks was to the betterment of the songs either - the drummer seems to be applying a totally different groove to the rest of the band.

I’ll take that as a positive given your feelings about last year’s releases in general :grin:

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Just a sweet, positive song.
I like, like, 1% of (not Hilltop) Australian ‘rap’.
But the bit I like, I really like.

Didn’t know there was a live version of this, pretty much note perfect from the studio version.

Yeah, it’s slick.
That’s kinda the point.

I have no idea why a prestige car company didn’t give them all of the moneys to use this.

New PJ tease on Twitter.

New single Tuesday supposedly.

Album ‘Dark Matter’ due in April.

Marcus King is back! This time with a bit of soul

Having myself a great day listening to a whole lot of classic stuff from my teen years:

Alice Cooper, Bad Company, Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Seger, Boston, Boz Scaggs, Eagles and now this little gem from ELO

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Definite Bond theme potential in this version with the string orchestra.


Terrific live version of the classic Carla Bley tune from BBC radio. Diction is spot on too, nice change for my damaged ears from Elling’s mumbly version.

Sounds like a cross between early Death Cab for Cutie and Fleetwood Mac…

Stoner Rock influenced by Heavy Rock, Blues and Doom


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I have been listening and loving the original version of this song for 25 years, l love both versions and agree that it would be great on a soundtrack.

I haven’t seen nor heard that version before, so thanks.

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