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what a song. check out the 80s people in the crowd . fkn wild

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There’s a fair bit more of Ed Kuepper on Spotify now.

Can only be a good thing.

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Every now and then I’m drawn back to this track.
I mean, sure, it’s part of the androgynous British pop invasion.

But there’s something pure about it to me.
Before KC and that famous photo in Adelaide.

I mean…who’d have thought the bouncer at punk gigs could actually sing?
And he can.
Has a beautiful voice.

And there’s…something Amy Whitehouse about it.

It’s pop before it was pop.
It’s lovely.

Just over 2 minutes long.
Natty little tune.
Unusual time signatures.
What sounds like a randomly generated keyboard solo.
Ridiculous video.
Bluey’s Dad.
What’s not to love?


Can I please jump in, late as per usual, to the Cold Chisel thing. A mate turned me on to them around the time of Breakfast at Sweethearts. Caught them live then and it started a habit of seeing them as much as possible. Gigs at the Pier, Waltzing Matilda, Bombay Rock and even the farking Chevron are treasured memories. They were a truly great live band, intense and dangerous at times, and their first four studio albums are, depending on your taste, great examples of top drawer song writing and performances, especially Ian Moss.

I saw them at the Last Stand and lived thereafter on the glorious memories of youth. When they stuck their heads up again I wasn’t sure. I’d hated Jim’s dreadful solo career and the others proved the band they’d been in was certainly much greater than the sum of their parts. Each album release since then has been progressively more disappointing and I stopped attending their gigs when they started playing wineries and all that rubbish.

They really were as good as people said they were for a couple of years both live and on record (Circus Animals was stunning). But I ain’t going this time round. I loved them then. Thanks for listening.


I like the production on this. Play it loud!

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Bluey, you say?

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Not sure if it is better than the original Tom Vek.

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This is pretty epic. 5 minute build.

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